22 August 2006

the boxy spec.. :p

17 August 2006

new look

Got a new look with my new spectacles...hihi,..ala spec yg macam trend sekarang ni.yg boxy sket tu...hehe....i really look different...maybe coz i never one like that before...dari kecik sampai skrg asyik pakai pesen same je... can u imagine the spectacles fashion industry...langsung x berkembang...hampeh betull!!

i guess i wont be wearing lenses for a while, quite scared hearing the rumours on some lense cleansing product that are hazardous to the eyes, plus hearing so many things on tv about the side effect on wearing lenses....

but still..i love wearing lense...!!! hmmm :( xpelah kan health comes first than beauty..

anyway...alhamdulillah now my company is officially out with our new name Griffon Holdings Sdn Bhd... Doakan semoga kami berjaya....:)

08 August 2006

breastfeeding blues

yes, it has been 15 months ive been breastfeeding my little girl.. and within that time i have gone thru a lot of amazing experience

i started to breastfeed(bf) knowing that its the best milk that i can and must give to my baby.. with all the nutrients and anti bodies to fight germs ... yupp..u know all that right...

i can still remember the first time i b/fed my baby, the milk wont come out... gosh!!n my girl kept crying, i got panicked n quickly asked my hubby to go buy some formula milk..but alhamdulillah, he asked me to relax n try again..and hey...it worked... but still it doesnt come out that much..i knew coz everytime i tried pumping it out, sikit je yg kuwar..tersumbat agaknye says my mom...apalagi, the next day terus call my sis in law suro die urut.. yess, massage my breast..hihi...hey this is not porn talking ok..be more matured!! alhamdulillah that night my baby didnt cry as much as before.

well things were ok then...but after a while, i got confused knowing that my baby still cries eventhou she had her milk....i started to search in the net...n when i looked at me mails from Ummikusayang, thank to Allah, there's an ummi who has the same problem as mine, i found out that my baby has colic, org melayu panggil kembung..

well indeed knowledge is a virtue, colic can come from the daily food that we take...esp for a b/f mothers...so bersambung lagilah tempoh pantangku...i couldnt eat any dairy products, soy products..so no milo, no milk, no egg, no chicken, etc...imagine that!!!!

and alhamdulillah when she turns 4mnths++ she's a healthy happy baby..syukur alhamdulillah....

tapi mmgla Allah kata, selepas setiap kesusahan tu akan dtg kesenangan... of course to succeed u must be strong n calm, coz, the milk will come out when u're relax..alhamdulillah now my girl jarang demam n x pernah kene sembelit...syukur sgt...

all the things i read in the paper bout breastfeed is true...it is the greatest gift a mother could give to their child, other than the milk,it has so many miracles, that i couldnt explain, the bonding, the calming effect the baby will feel, when we held them close in our arms..

well to say im promoting to breastfeed, u can say that, but its all up to you, the important thing is, uve got to have support, escpecially from ur dear husband...coz he's teh one nearest to you, next to Allah... well i know i did...thank u abang... :) te amore..