24 September 2008

and Ramadhan is saying bye-bye

It was a great experience for this Ramadhan, with the new environment, fasting in a diff weather..and the big thing which hit us when izzah got sick..

Deep down, i do feel happy that this came upon us during Ramadhan..for i have always heard n learnt during my years of learning in school n uni that every test given by Him is to show His Love upon us.. it has always been my life principal..that everything in this world happen for a reason.. and with that i endure the hardship given by Him whole-heartedly and believe that its a reminder for me to be a better worshipper and a better person.. and for that i cant thank Him enough...

I dunno how other ppl might react to having such difficulty when their child is sick..but for me, it wasnt easy.. i prayed hard that izzah wouldnt get paralyzed...
telling it thru phone to my family n writing it here in this blog may not well describe how actually izzah suffer during that time...it was REALLY REALLY heartbreaking...

But nevertheless, the soothing words of our dear mothers have always had a calming effect on me..thank u mak n mama... n the follow-up questions on izzah's recovery from other family members..had given me stregth knowing how much izzah meant to them.. thanx again guys..

and again, during the last days of Ramadhan...i will try not to put it to waste..hopefully it'll be the same for u guys as well.. ;)

Eid is on the way

Since izzah has been on her feet again..i am still thankful to the Almighty for this wonderful gift.. it seems like the best thing i've had for all the years im alive in this world (ooh apart from being happy on the day i got married..huhu..that too was the best thing that happned in my life...)

Ive regained back my energy in life n feel happy to see everything is back to its normal pace.

Ok..ive got a lot to do for this raya...hehe..gerak gempur la aku pasni...
1.Raya cookies to start tomorrow...thought of doing biskut tart, makmur, suji n
choc chip.. kek lagi...ya Allah...over ke apa aku nih...??!!! sempat ke buat??
2.Plan for the 1st day raya menu...ermm..current idea would be.. nasi minyak,
rendang, dalca n acar.. ermm still in discussion with hubby..
3.Kemas2 umah... hmm apa yg nak kemas pun x tau..bukannye ader apa2 pun dlm umah..
kah kah kah...except maybe nk beli pokok bunga sbb pokok bunga kat luar umah tu
dah mati laaa... i dunno what happnd.. either izzah kept picking the flowers ke..
atau die xleh hidup masa musim sejuk ari tu ke?? xpelaa tanya mama..sifu bab2
pokok bunga nih..hehe

My inlaws will be coming this raya.. hehe..bestnyer.. lagi best kalu my family ader skali..lagi meriah..!! but nevermind..will be online on 1st raya, kalu xde org dtg umah laa...

rumput dah potong ..lega sket..kalu x umah dh nmpk cam hutan dah..LOL..thanx abang ramly ;) kite tolong biz die, die tolong biz kite..hehe..

18 September 2008

Praise be to Allah :)

Praise be to Allah..

Setinggi2 syukur pada Allah SWT..Alhamdulillah izzah has shown signs of improvements..

After much physical and spiritual effort being done..izzah is slowly becoming herself again.I couldnt express the joy after first seeing her walk around the house and a little bit of running here n there with syirah..

Ya Allah, if only i could shout to the world..i'd be shouting...'anak aku dah bleh jalaaaannnn!!!!!'

But the first thing i remembered was to thank the Almighty for giving us izzah back..
Ok..im starting to cry now..hmmm...

Paling terasa masa iftar, when she sat in her chair n eat together with us..mintak tu mintak nih..like she always do, ya Allah dah lama izzah x makan sekali..kalu ddk sekali pun nangis..n kene pangku je, x nak makan apa2.. syukur nye ya Allah..

Although the improvements has been encouraging, all the massaging and exercise will continue..coz sometimes i can still see her holding her back when she played too much with syirah..meaning she's still not 100% ok..

I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for izzah, especially my family members in msia..and not forgetting nz ;) hehe... may you be blessed by Allah in this world and Hereafter..ameen

she used to straightened her leg whenever she's playing on the ground, and had to stuggle standing up..now she can bend her knees.. and stand up smoothly..alhamdulillah :)

16 September 2008

Cheerful environment

It has always been true that positive reinforcement creates positive results..

So we bought things that could make izzah be active and going to the playground whenever we got time..

it was sooo windy that day...only manage to spend a short time at the palyground..xpe next time around, hopefully the weather will be better

syirah biasalaa.. nangis bile kat tempat yg x biasa pegi.

Please pray for Izzah...

One of my airianis is not well..she has been in fever for one week and towards the end of the week, she complains that her knee is in pain. She currently got tough time walking. Deep down its breaks my heart and hard for me to see her move, struggling for to find her steps of walking.

The first few days was very hard for us. I was worried all day long, couldnt sleep well or even do anything whole-heartedly for that matter. i didnt know what i cooked for iftar, will cook any simple dish just to eat n break the fast.

Hubby is having his mid-term exam every week for this month, its much more confusing for him as to choose between his studies and his daughter. Subjects are tougher this semester thus more concentration is needed, and at the same time izzah was also a priority. The dilemma has taken us both in misery and confusion.

At this difficult time, we seek the His help to give us stregth, confidence and patience to face the days ahead of us. We truly believe, that test was given to us to make us a better person and a better believer.

And alhamdulillah after much doa, solat, advice from our parents and family, we regain our confidence and determined to look this positively and help izzah to get back to her feet.

And so, i welcome all suggestion and advice on from all of you on anything to help improve izzah's walking and help her to run. Massage, medication anything..

And nevetheless in this blessed month of Ramadhan, please do include izzah in your prayer..so she can get better.. ameen..

08 September 2008

Something different

Since i couldnt go to surau/masjid to perform tarawikh..i asked hubby what was it like to perform tarawikh here, was it any diff from msia..

He said everything was the same, cuma xde selawat lepas bagi salam tu and the most interesting was one of the imam that day was wearing a jeans and t-shirt while leading the congregation..

hmm...agak2 la kan if that scenario were to happen in msia..orang pandang serong ke x? yelah we're used to seeing imam wearing jubah n all..tetiba yang ni sempoi je pakai jeans..pastu hubby kata bacaan die pun ok, hmmm...tula org kata dont judge a book by its cover, although that saying may not be true to all occasion, coz sometimes its our image that reflects us, but it's always good to have good thoughts to seeing something diff in front of us kan..

Happy Birthday to My Dearest Hubby .. :)

We only celebrated the bday yesterday.. izzah was not well, so we postponed the bday celebration till yesterday when she was slowly recovering from her fever.Suddenly as i woke up in the morning..my head feels heavy and i feel my body is aching here and there(alamak...dah berjangkit demam dari izzah...!!)

Since i promised hubby the celeb would be yesterday and he had bought all the ingredients.. i put my feet on the ground and force myself to bake the cake no matter what.. (lagipun tangguh2 nanti bila pulak nk sambut kan..)

Alhamdulillah the oreo cheesecake hubby wanted so much was well accpeted by everyone in the house.. except the cake decoration which was way out from what i had planned to do. By the time the cake cool off, i was struggling myself preparing for iftar..dah x larat nk berdiri dah time tu..rase nk pengsan pun ader... so for that reason we had a simple iftar and i only manage to make a simple deco for the cake.

i added oreo biscuits crumbs from the original recipe(it was hubby's idea actually), as most oreo cheesecake recipe was non-bake and used gelatine. To find a halal gelatine here is another big problem..

Apparently, my family in msia was celebrating my dad's birthday yesterday.. kebetulan plak.so after celebrating abah's bday online, we continued celebrating with hubby's together with ppl in msia..sedih jugak x dpt nk online sekali with my inlaws time tu.. :(