08 September 2008

Happy Birthday to My Dearest Hubby .. :)

We only celebrated the bday yesterday.. izzah was not well, so we postponed the bday celebration till yesterday when she was slowly recovering from her fever.Suddenly as i woke up in the morning..my head feels heavy and i feel my body is aching here and there(alamak...dah berjangkit demam dari izzah...!!)

Since i promised hubby the celeb would be yesterday and he had bought all the ingredients.. i put my feet on the ground and force myself to bake the cake no matter what.. (lagipun tangguh2 nanti bila pulak nk sambut kan..)

Alhamdulillah the oreo cheesecake hubby wanted so much was well accpeted by everyone in the house.. except the cake decoration which was way out from what i had planned to do. By the time the cake cool off, i was struggling myself preparing for iftar..dah x larat nk berdiri dah time tu..rase nk pengsan pun ader... so for that reason we had a simple iftar and i only manage to make a simple deco for the cake.

i added oreo biscuits crumbs from the original recipe(it was hubby's idea actually), as most oreo cheesecake recipe was non-bake and used gelatine. To find a halal gelatine here is another big problem..

Apparently, my family in msia was celebrating my dad's birthday yesterday.. kebetulan plak.so after celebrating abah's bday online, we continued celebrating with hubby's together with ppl in msia..sedih jugak x dpt nk online sekali with my inlaws time tu.. :(


ms nonie said...

alamak kaksue demam gak ke..kesian plak..take care of urself k ...jgn pakse2 diri sgt buat kerja kalo x larat ;) hehe.. sedap plakkk nampak oreo cheesecake kaksue buat neh..hmmmmmmmm

SuE KasSiM said...

ermmm thanx noni..;D dh makan panadol..ok dah sket.. cheesecake tu sib baik jadi..alhamdulillah.. kire abang n anak2 suka, gd enough 4 me..hehe