16 December 2008

itchy all over

My hands starts getting itchy n all for not baking for almost 3 weeks.. looking at the oven at mama's n mak's house..makes me wanna bake something...muffins, cake or scone...ive been dying to try this layer cheese cake..

tapi nanti kene beli bahan sumer..pastu nanti kalu ader lebey..wat menyemak je kat umah mama n mak..eiikkk...camner nih??

resipi dah berdozen2 salin nak bawak balik perth nih..buku resipi pun dah beli...eiiii geramnyer rase nk cuba...

arrghhh really in dilemma...!! this what happens when ure addicted to baking..LOL


what other best time to visit families other than during festive occasion..since it was eidul adha..we grab this chance to visit my dear grandma..alhmadulillah she still remembers me..although its not been the same..i mean she'e gettingg older but at least she's still here, n still smiling..am happy for that..

and of course cousins and relatives..good to hear their stories..and good to eat the food prepared..haha!!

i really do love this environment..visiting families n all, thats the olny thing that kept us glued to msia..(other than the food of course) ;p

Stories in msia

Its been almost 3 weeks in msia.. its true why some people are reluctant to go back their home country when they've stayed sooo long abroad.. it really does feel different..
the weather, although it doesnt differ that much than perth but when the air is cooler, we feel less exhausted..i never believed this when hubby always told me that he feels more exhausted during sunny days in perth..when i experienced it myself then i undestand..pttlah mat salleh ni suka berjalan..x rase penat pun bile cuaca tu sejuk..
the culture...hubby experienced this the most during driving on road..and i noticed he's more relaxed now.. he understands now why driving in msia could be hazardous TO LIFE... haha!!

im happy that my girls are very much acquainted to my nieces, aisya n nabeeha...alhamdulillah they palyed well together, except on certain occasions..nk pukul2 pun ader bile dh kepenatan (hahaaha biasala budak2 bila dh penat main)izzah will always remember her abang irfan n abg irsyad whenever we went to my mum's house..at least she has something to remember in msia..

as for me..im getting fatter everyday..eating good food in msia..ya Allah..sabar jela..the food craze is driving me crazy..yela sumer mende leh beli..n almost everything is halal...keje nk makan je... ;P

well, thank god we still have families n frens in msia..n the food is uncomparable..
or else we might have thought of staying abroad for good.. many have said its a good place to raise a family in perth..its very calm n peaceful..the only thing u've got to add is the islamic n asian value to the kids..
hmm that really made me thinking..is msia really a bad place to live??