16 December 2008


what other best time to visit families other than during festive occasion..since it was eidul adha..we grab this chance to visit my dear grandma..alhmadulillah she still remembers me..although its not been the same..i mean she'e gettingg older but at least she's still here, n still smiling..am happy for that..

and of course cousins and relatives..good to hear their stories..and good to eat the food prepared..haha!!

i really do love this environment..visiting families n all, thats the olny thing that kept us glued to msia..(other than the food of course) ;p


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

This is Zaryn from Singapore. I ada 3 kid. Once in a while, I ada jugak masuk this website. I like reading your blogs. Please do write often.

I hope to meet up with you some day once our visa has been approved. Let me know if you ever visit Singapore.


SuE KasSiM said...

Thanks zaryn..so happy u find my blog to ur interest...i'll try to write as often as i can..
yes, do mail me when u come to Msia ok