18 August 2010

hunger for burgers...

Craving for burgers for these past few days..so last2 sampai juga hajat nk makan..
but waittt!!! not burgers from Mc Donald's or Burger King...home-made burgers..hehehe
rindu nk wat sebenarnye.. dulu kat Perth selalu wat sbb mana nk cari burger halal kan..
so there it is.. chicken burger n lamb burger (whopper style)..
x susah pun nk wat..cuma amik :
1) Boneless breast chicken tu (kalu tebal cut 2 kasi nipis)
2) then celup with tepung (yg dh di bancuh ngan garam n baking powder) n salut with
breadcrumbs or kalu x ngan tepung (yg dh dicampur garam n pepper)
* i make my own breadcrumbs..by just blending 1 or 2 toasted bread..
3) pastu goreng..
4) chicken burger..makan only with mayo n lettuce..
1) mince the lamb/beef
2) letak pinch garam + pepper
4) then grill / masak atas pan without just a bit of oil..(biar x lekat)
4) makan like a whopper burger with tomato, mayo , lettuce n onion..
alhamdulillah....thank u Allah..!! ;))

17 August 2010

Banana Custard

Dah lama x pos resipi kan.. ive made this on the 1st day of Ramadhan for iftar..

Bila dh makan it tastes almost like a dessert my MIL used to order from her fren..Pisang diraja ke apa nama die..but that one was eaten with cashew nuts n raisins as well i think..but the custars taste the same..


8-10 bananas almost ripen (slice half vertically)

1.Fry/grill with a little bit of oil in a pan/grill pan
then arrange in a casserole enough to fit in the bananas

Custard :

4 cups of water
2 eggs yolk 50 g caster sugar
40g custard powder
1/2 a can of condensed milk
a pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla essence

Method :

1. Mix custard with water till dissolved

2. Put all ingredients into a saucepan

3. Cook over medium heat stirring until custard thickens

4.Once thickend, remove from heat n pour onto banana

5. set aside until cooled and serve.

source : http://www.cafesempoi.blogspot.com/

11 August 2010

3 gorgeous girls..n 1 cute baby..

Iman n izzah..two identical twins born with 4 years gap..
they look exactly the same..
nanti tunggu, i'll post some of izzah pictures when she was a baby..hehe

look at these girls..bukan main lagi pandai bergaya..

besar nanti abihlaa mintak camera sorang satu..sbb nk posing bergbr..hihi..

my 2 girls n my niece aisya..


Assalamualaikum to all,

again..alhamdulillah Ramadhan is here.. i am thankful to Allah for everything that has been given to me n my family.

My cake biz which i have started since my uni years, have been thru a better stage..a company has been set-up, better cash control over the money and alhamdulillah sales have been good.

I am no doubt happy for the improvement my company has made..everyone is happy ..BUt why is the feeling not mutual..

MY daughter came to me one day stopping me from doing anything..n said to spend the day with her n not doing my work (baking esp..)

as many people would have said..'alah bdak2 mmg camtu..' n others would have said.'sbb x biasa mak bekerja..' i looked at it in another perspective..the fact that i stay at home is to be with them, take care of them and prepare their essential..if that is not done..then why in the first place i stay at home.. i'd be better off chasing my long-lost dream of being a corporate women.

i truly cant stand their bored face when i have to sit in front of this laptop screen attending to my online biz. I FEEL SO GUILTY!!

Allah made everything in this world for a reason..n im trying to figure out what is hidden behind all this.. with 3 kids, house chores and online biz going on.. can i do it..?? and certainly my kids will not be the one who has to suffer..

ya Allah..tolong beri ku Petunjuk...ameen
Allah tak akan beri dugaan itu melainkan orang itu mampu memikkulnye..ya Allah mampukah aku?? tapi Allah lebih memhamai setiap hambanye..Dia yg mencipta kita.. HAVE FAITH IN AlLLAH SURIANI...have faith!!!!..

04 August 2010

Best kan...

Have u seen the video clip..best kan..subhanallah..

Just opened frendster, waahhh..lamanye x bkk frenster..dh ader new layout dah..sungguh x sangka..pastu tgkla gmbr2 yg dipost kat dlm tu..tgk gbr lama2..hehe..best..

ok bye..tu je nk cakap..hehe

03 August 2010

The Chosen One - Maher Zain

24 June 2010

Maher Zain - For The Rest Of My Life with Lyrics

Isnt it sweet when someone dedicated this song to you..

LOve it...

I am addicted to all Maher Zain's songs..cant get enough of it...the kids love it too..mana xnye mamanye asik psang je lagu ni...tetiap hari..hehe
But seriously if the songs are not good..even kids wouldnt enjoy it..kan??

I havent had these feelings for quite some time..jenis dengar lagu sampai naik bulu roma n nangis coz the lyrics are SOOOOO good..!!!

I like the songs coz, it helps me to remember the greatness of Allah..n how thankful we should always be!!..

Do listen to his songs..i pray more singers like this will be born in the future..not only they entertain us..but they remind us as well..Barakallah to Maher Zain and his team.

Maher Zain - Open Your Eyes - ماهر زين

12 April 2010

new layoutt..FINALLY!!!!

God knows how long ive wanted to change my blog layout...masanye tu yg xde..nak explore tulah yg payah sbb menuntut masa yg sedia maklum..very limited..

n now..alhamdulillah...tadaaa!!! hihihihi...ok..lebih semangat nih nak post anything pasni...pasal kaler blog..mustilaaa saya peminat kaler ini...so the first trial i would very much try on my fav colour first huhu...next time other colours plak yerrr!!!

05 April 2010


ya Allah lamanye x menulis...

bila dh lama x menulis jd kekok plak...
wow..its really hard to get all the Airianis to fall asleep at the same
time..and when this happens i dunno what to do...nak blogging ke, nak masak ke, nak wat tu ke..aihhh sumer mende nk wat...and so yes..blogging menang..maka dgn itula wujudnye post ini..huhu..

before anything, i receive a cake order and this lady been pushing me with the price..yang sebenarnye brape harga a slice of cake (rectangle size) nk letak dlm kotak utk org kawen...aku dh naik bingung nk calculate harga..memula minta kurang..dh kurang dah..bila call bitau 'leh la akak sy kasi harga tu'..pastu mintak kurang lagi...'ya Allaaahhh'....isk isk iskk,,so kepada para pembeli di luar sana,..
kot ye pun nk menawar..jgnla tawar teruk sgt...abih penat lelah tukang masak ni x diamik kire keeeee??? nak kuwar beli barang..masak lak..pas masak potong kek, balut ngan cling wrap pastu masuk kotak..ermmm...nak marah ke x nih sebenarnye..entahlah..kalu ader rezeki ader..kalu x sudah...!!!

so apa pendapat pemilik nowwa chocs and elyzzmode..anda sudah biasa berhadapan dgn karenah sebegini kan? please advice!!

okla supaya saya x naik angin di sini..mari kite berhibur dgn gambar anak dara saya tgh excited nk pakai ala2 princess sbb banyak disogok dgn citer princess sejak 2 menjak nih..(eh gi mana gbr..oooh lupa xde dlm laptop nih...nnti ye sy upload!!)

20 February 2010

How Time Flies

Alhamdulillah..syukur Allah for

I am still alive in this world
I still have my parents with me today
For always giving me n my family food to eat, clothes to wear n place to stay no matter how hard it has been
For giving me a husband that helps me to be a better person
For giving me children to entertain my day
For giving me a lifetime experience in Perth, Australia which i will never forget insya-Allah
For giving me a family that helps us whenver we need their help
For having good frens that helped us a lot when we're in OZ
and for always keeping my faith in You..
Plese let my faith be always in your path..
Please help me to be a better person..

17 February 2010

Starting a new life n ending one


Lama kan x menulis...yela x de internet kat umah..ni baru masuk..leh la curi2 masa sket...

Many things has happend lately...but the major ones would be my BIL's wedding in january n my grandma passed away the day before the reception.

I was actually busy on the day my grandma passed away, filling up cake orders. Just after i had finished it all, n was waiting for Abang to come back from buying boxes for the cupcakes..my mom called but i couldnt manage to reach the phone on time n answer it.Abang came back n pat my shoulder n said 'Sabar eh..nenek dh xde..'

i was actually stunned...i couldnt believe it at first. adala air mata yg kuwar. terkejut jgk ngn diri sendiri...suriani skrg dh x nangis melalak cam suriani dulu.
it wasnt appropriate for me to come that night itself, with the baby and all.
I went the next day when everyone was busy at the mosque preparing nenek for Solat Jenazah..

Again, i'm amazed with my own self..'eh apsal aku x nangis hah??'But at the end..when seeing nenek for the very last time..i cried..all the memories that i had with her..ran thru my mind in a flash..teringat nasi lemak nenek yg selalu ku makan dgn sambal kacang, teringat tumpi nenek..teringat nenek ubatkan muka ku yg penuh jerawat walaupun xde beza pun..tapi best je bila nenek hembus2, teringat tido ngan nenek n layan nenek ckp masa nenek dh uzur tengah2 malam (masa ni lum kawen lagi), teringat nenek mesti ckp terima kaseh everytime betulkan bantal die, pakaikan telekung die, bawak die gi toilet...isssh buat sedih je masa tu, n of course banyak lagi.

Tapi yang paling ingat n insyaAllah akan ikut...nenek selalu pesan, kalu orang buat jahat kat kite jgn balas balik..yang penting kite buat baik kat orang. AND

Arwah atuk selalu puji nenek..siap ckp ngan mak suro jadi cam nenek..Abang pun puji nenek, sbb tengah2 x sihat tu..kalu dtg umah mak n nenek ader, belum panas punggung duduk pun, nenek mesti ckp..'Chun, lakinye dikasi air..' pastu kejap2 mesti ckp lagi 'Aidil dah makan..dah dikasi air?' insyaAllah chun akan jadi isteri yg terbaik nek..insyaAllah..ameen..

Malam tu wedding my BIL, seronok tgk ariza dh kawen..congrats ariza..ur wish finally come true!! di sebalik keseronokan tu kadang2 teringat nenek, but life must go on kan..tinggal doa kite yg bleh membantu die.

Semoga nenek ditempatkan di Syurga yg teratas ya Allah..for she is worth the person..ameen..