11 August 2010


Assalamualaikum to all,

again..alhamdulillah Ramadhan is here.. i am thankful to Allah for everything that has been given to me n my family.

My cake biz which i have started since my uni years, have been thru a better stage..a company has been set-up, better cash control over the money and alhamdulillah sales have been good.

I am no doubt happy for the improvement my company has made..everyone is happy ..BUt why is the feeling not mutual..

MY daughter came to me one day stopping me from doing anything..n said to spend the day with her n not doing my work (baking esp..)

as many people would have said..'alah bdak2 mmg camtu..' n others would have said.'sbb x biasa mak bekerja..' i looked at it in another perspective..the fact that i stay at home is to be with them, take care of them and prepare their essential..if that is not done..then why in the first place i stay at home.. i'd be better off chasing my long-lost dream of being a corporate women.

i truly cant stand their bored face when i have to sit in front of this laptop screen attending to my online biz. I FEEL SO GUILTY!!

Allah made everything in this world for a reason..n im trying to figure out what is hidden behind all this.. with 3 kids, house chores and online biz going on.. can i do it..?? and certainly my kids will not be the one who has to suffer..

ya Allah..tolong beri ku Petunjuk...ameen
Allah tak akan beri dugaan itu melainkan orang itu mampu memikkulnye..ya Allah mampukah aku?? tapi Allah lebih memhamai setiap hambanye..Dia yg mencipta kita.. HAVE FAITH IN AlLLAH SURIANI...have faith!!!!..