29 November 2008

Good to be back..

Alhamdulillah we arrived safely on Saturday night..

Izzah was tremendoulsy OK during the flight..no shouting, no kicking, no crying,she ate her dinner..hmmm..she was exceptionally good..syirah was ok too...she even slept in a tiny bassinet..good thing that thing fits her just nice..

Syukur..syukur syukur pada Allah that the journey back home was smooth...Thank you Allah..

The next day...we were more than happy when mama organized a surprise party..funny thing was mama kept asking me to change my cloth and wear something nice..when i already knew that only my cousins from kelantan would be coming..so sempoi jela..malas nk tukar baju..but since mama kept bugging me to change..i did exactly as told..

and all my curiosity was answered when the door bell rang non stop,

when my family came, and a family friend came afterwards...i opened the door and smiled..'ooo buat soh urprise party ek'..evryone laughed..hahaha

ermm...to the organizer (aka mama): Thank u so much...indeed it was a lovely day to remember and meeting family n frends which we've been waiting to see for months..;)

28 November 2008

No Subject

Just few days before heading back to Msia...we had a rather panic or should i say funny thing happended in the house..

The story goes like this..
It was tuesday afternoon..and we had an excellent time entertaining hubby's classmate from Mauritius for lunch.. so many new things we learned about their culture and their country.
so after they went back..i did my zuhr prayer. and i just kept my telekung on coz i wanted to continue with asr prayer afterwards..(since hubby's frend went home quite late..)

We started to get panic when suddenly hubby woke up from his nap and tried to find izzah..he asked me where's izzah, i said she must be watching the Tv or something coz i cant even hear her voice..i reckon she was sleeping..

hubby started to get panic when izzah was no where to be found anywhere..i started to search for izzah...bedroom, kitchen, small areas behind the couch, laundry room...everywhere....the entrance door was locked..she couldnt have gone out..i wouldve heard it if she opened the door..

Things got more tense and we shouthed for izzah's name...and praying at the same time that izzah was ok...my mind went wild with imagination..thinking that she might have been kidnapped.. OMG!!! NO NO NOOOOO... and knowing myself,i was getting panic and couldnt thing straight
i opened the door and start running around the neighbouhood wearing nothing but telekung and a mini-dress inside..i was running like mad asking everyone for izzah...my mind had even planned out what to do when izzah was actually..you know..MISSING...cll the police..start a search party..call msian police...everything!!

and suddenly i heard hubby shouted my name..i was on the verge of knocking my new-Hong Kong boys-neigbours.. i went back inside our house..and hubby said
"masuk..masuk..tu haa izzah tido atas katil ya Allah...legaaanye rasa..
all this while when i was running here n there like mad..she was actually dozing off on the bed..covering her body with comforter...funny thing is..when i went inside the bedroom looking for her..and i didnt even see her on the bed...
ya Allah..kecik betul anak aku ni..sampai balut bdn ngan comforter pun x nampaakkk..!!!

That 'traumatic' experience kept me wondering what would be the feeling of arwah NURIN JAZLIN and SYARLINI...ya Allah i do hope syarlini is in good conditions and that she would be reunited with her parents soon..ameen...

after that day...we always keep a close watch of izzah and ensure she's always in our sight..

haiiihh..what an experience!! Thank u Allah for giving us this test as a reminder of how careless we can be as parents..

13 November 2008

Nasi Kerabu MN

Shue..this one's for you..


sebiji Kelapa parut
2 ekor Ikan kembung (dipanggang)
2-3 tsp Bawang Merah (blended)
Lada Hitam

1. Sangai kelapa, tapi jgn sampai coklat..cukup garing sikit.
2. Ikan kembung diambil isi
3. Blend kelapa yg dah disangai dgn isi ikan kembong.
4. Gaul dgn bwg merah, garam, gula n lada hitam
* Sambal is preferrably better if it is sweeter


2 biji kelapa (ambil santan) / 1 tin coconut milk brand AYAM
2 tangkai serai (ambil bhgn putih shj)
4 ulas bawang merah
2 ulas bawang putih
1/2 inci halia
3 tangkai cili kering (approximate)
Gula Melaka/Gula biasa/ Nisan kelantan
2 keping asam keping

1. Blend serai, bwg putih, bwg kecil, halia n cili kering
2. Masuk dlm periuk n masukkan santan n asam keping
3. Masak atas api sdhn sampai kuah pekat
4. Masuk gula n garam secukup rasa.
* Kuah should taste a combination of sweet, n sour.


Daun Kesum
Bunga Kantan
Kacang Panjang
Bawang Merah (1 ulas)
Halia Muda (1/2 inci)
Cili Merah (1/2 batang)

1. Potong halus daun kesum, bunga kantan, timun, kacang panjang,
serai, bwg merah, halia muda n cili merah.
2. Satukan semua bahan di atas kecuali timun n gaul rata.
3. ulam lain dihidang berasingan


Ikan Goreng (either goreng kunyit biasa/salut tepung)
Ayam Goreng
Daging Bakar


Nasi kosong biasa OR
nasi kunyit ( dimasak dgn kunyit n serai + daun pandan)

Tambahan: Keropok ikan n budu

Cara makan: Gaul nasi dgn sambal, kuah, semua ulam
budu and gaul rata n makan..

10 November 2008


We were shocked to see this show on tv.. the title was ' Msia..Dirty Politics.'
Dirty Politics..?? I dunno what to feel.. if im in msia i probably wouldnt feel a thing..but being abroad..makes us feel that we're some sort of an ambassador..
so malu la sket..espcially when the whole australia is watching it..what would ppl think of us when they see n know we're msian..

there's the altantuya story..the claim that Najib is involved in it..anwar's sodimy case..raja petra..sigh..!!
it was sad though to see such a story here in aussie..just like when we're in msia watching other countries corrupt story...embarassed thats the word i guess..
but am i not being patriotic enough by feeling that way..ermm i dunno..
when u see our politic scenario in a whole lot of dimension, u start to be more analytical about it..at least that happend to me..

at the end of the day..we can only pray the best for our country..aint that right??

05 November 2008

new thingy..

I'm not sure whether they have one in msia..but the cupcake stand in perth comes in so many designs and colour... i can see it almost in all store here..and im in LOOVEEEE in every one that i laid my eyes on... and so i was looking at COLES supermarket pamphelete one day..and there it is.on promotion only $10..
hahaha i told my self i had to grab it..and there it is..;D its a simple cupcake stand actually..tengoklah.. maybe before going back msia i'll buy a nicer one..

I fill the cupcake stand with a simple choc chip muffins..since izzah been nagging me to make cakes after she saw one on the box..its a simple recipe..but i like it though coz it tastes a little bit goey..and i can make it super fast to meet up my daughters DEMAND and nagging!! ;P

[Nigella's Choc Chip Muffins]

250 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda
2 tbsp cocoa powder
175 g castor sugar
150 g choc chips
250 ml fresh milk
90 ml vegetable oil or 75g butter (i used oil)
1 egg (L size)
1 tsp vanilla essence


1. Sift flour, baking powder, bicarbonate soda & cocoa powder into a big bowl.
Add in sugar.
2. In a diff bowl, Combine milk, oil, vanilla essence and egg. Use a whisk.
3. Pour in all the liquid into the dry ingredients. Using a whisk mix until just
blended. Do not overmix.
4. Fold in the choc chips.
5. Spoon batter in the prepared muffin cups slightly more than 1/2 the cup.
6. Sprinkle extra choc chip on top.
7. Bake in preheated oven at 180 deg for 20 min or until skewer comes out clean.