28 October 2008


This one is a real kick-off recipe..

This was my first time making a roti puri. Do u know whats a roti puri..hahaha...i dont actually either.. but i guess its a split between roti canai n chapati..n its small in size..very cute.. my first attempt was to me a failure.. i put all 5 tbsp of margerine and it tastes too buttery and by eating 2-3 pieces i grew bored of the taste..after talking to chef JAJA (hehehe) the taste is better when u mix it with ghee..should try that the next time. But my family members were ok with the taste..izzah n hubby ate a lot..hubby even suggested to eat it with kaya..haha..hmm taste delicious!!

[Roti Puri JAJA<]
4 cups plain flour
5 tbsp margerine (u can mix with ghee)- 3 tbsp margerine + 2 tbsp ghee
1 tbsp condensed milk
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Way :
1. Combine flour, baking powder and salt.
2. Put in margerine. mix together.
3. Pour the milk (mix with a bit of water)
4. Pour warm water bit by bit and knead until it forms a dough
and doesnt stick to ur hand
5. Divide the dough into small portions (the size of 50 cents)
6. Roll the dough with a rolling pin (not too thick /thin) and fry with lots of oil.

[Rendang MAK]
(this is for 1kg of beef/lamb)

10 pcs dried chillies
1 1/2 pcs red onion (big)
5 pcs red onion (small)
5 pcs garlic
1/2 inch galangal (lengkuas)
1/2 inch ginger
6 stalks lemongrass (serai)
2 pcs turmeric leaves (daun kunyit)- finely cut
2 coconut milk / 1 tin of coconut cream/milk
3-4 tbsp kerisik
Cili Boh / chilli paste (opt)


1. Blend all ingredients excpet daun kunyit n santan.
2. Put meat, blended ingredients n coconut milk.
3. Put under low fire, as it helps the meat to become tender
4. From time to time, scrape the mixture so it'll combine evenly
5. Once the mixture becomes thick enough, add kerisik, salt n sugar.
6. The colour should be brown once its done.
Note : You can put in chilli paste/ cili boh to make it hotter (own preference)

[Dalca MAMA]
Long Bean
Dhal (soaked in water-5-6 hrs earlier)
SPices (cengkih, etc)
Red onion, garlic n ginger (blend together)

I did the dalca just like making the normal curry recipe, which im sure all of u are familiar with the process.
Just add the vegetables and dhal.I added pineapple. According to mama, it'll give a sweet n sour taste. Indeed it is.

25 October 2008

Cinta di udara??..

Now i do understand why some couple like to go for their 2nd honeymoon, or even go out for a date alone.. coz sometimes..when u're too busy doing all ur daily routines..u may forget precious things around u..

actually its kinda weird, why our malay custom gave a vey diff view to people getting all mushy, loving and romantic when they get older or even right after getting married... why do the term ' buang tabiat' is said whenever we try to get romantic n all whith our soul-mate when we get older...sampai kan kalu dh berumur nk mesra2 pun jadi malu..i do hope im not part of that community..ameen..

coz when staying here, everywhere i go i can see old couples holding hands like they are still in love.. how wonderful is that... just wish our malay perspective towards this matter will change in time...

apa pun..the holidays really gave me a new feeling..dulu masa baru kawen malu je nk amik gbr masa honeymoon..skrg ni alhamdulillah berani sket..and it feels better than ever.. so any 2nd honeymoon guys??

22 October 2008

Cooking class??

Me n hubby have been craving to eat msian dish for quite some time..so apa lagi whn my inlaws came, we made nasi kerabu n learn few precious tips from mama while making it..and i also learnt how to make cek mek (a traditional kelantanese dessert) and seri kaya from mama..yelah kan kadang2 tu otai cam mama, ader byk experience which cannot be bought anywhere and is always obtained thru experience..

seri kaya

kueh cek mek

nasi kerabu yang diidamkan..thanx mama n noni who taught me the method and hubby who helped cutting all the ulam..;)

will post the recipe soon as im trying to remember back all the method

Jalan2 lagi..?? PART 2

We continued the 'jalan2 lagi' series when nonie, my sis-in-law came 5 days after ariza went back... we went to the most talked about places..Margaret River, Cape Leeuwin, and the Busselton Jetty..which apparently the longest Jetty in the southern hemisphere...syukur la ader rezeki nk bawa nonie, mama n papa pegi jalan2 kat situ..it was a tremendous experience..very refreshing seeing all the farm animals n green trees along the way..

we stopped for lunch at a roadside resting area...had picnic there.. i made chicken pie (alhamdulillah jadik ;)) and papa wat rendang daging...woo terer papa..takdelah rendang daging instant jee,,hehe... hehe sori papa baru je papa nk kembang hidung bangga..kih kih.. and some oreo muffins for dessert

we arrived at Busselton Jetty and took some pictures there...we didnt manage to walk along the jetty..apparently it was sooooo long...(as it was called the Longest Jetty kan..) every one was tired and it was kinda dangerous for the kids..

and took a breeze at the Prevelly Beach..

and finally we arrived at the famous Margaret River..spent only a night there..sempatla nk beli choc fudge at the Fudge Factory there..

and on the way back we stopped at Cape Leeuwin, to visit the famous Lighthouse. From here we can see the meeting of the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean.. It was a lovely place.seriously..Subhanallah..although the weather was veeryyy windy and it drizzles a bit..we couldnt resist ourselves to enjoy the scenery n take lots of pictures..

lastly we stopped at Augusta to have our lunch before heading home

20 October 2008

New eid experience ...

A lot of people have asked me on my new eid experience...well, of course nothing beats celebrating it back home..

When we stay abroad...its up to us to create the raya atmosphere...hubby has d/loaded raya songs to be played few nights before raya while i was making the raya cookies...dengar lagu raya je dah best dah....malam raya ader pasang takbir..

rindu memang rindu...tapi yang paling rindu ngan pakcik yg umum raya tetiap tahun tu...hahahaha.. kat sini kalu nk tau raya kene call masjid/surau or tanya kat member
iklan petronas and takbir raya..and visiting to all the relatives houses..menayang baju raya...all the food fiesta in diff houses..

Many students here have made open houses and definitely this is the chance to know each other better..we only managed to go to 3 open houses..ader lagi, tapi terpaksa ditolak..yelah nk spend time ngan family yg dtg dr msia..

solat raya lak kat taman..best tul kan..ader je masjid yg wat khutbah in bahasa melayu..tapi saje la nk rase pengalaman baru dgr khutbah dlm arab..n bercampur with so many different ppl fromdiff countries, papa kata macam kat mekah pun ader masa solat raya tu.. hihi

ooohh, just wanted to share..i dunt know bout u guys but my family kalu bab salam raya samapi nangis2...cakap pelan2..sampai nangis..when i was small..i was always curious..what is actually happening..salam raya ke apa..sampai nangis2 nih...bila dh besar baru paham..ooo nk minta maaf..byk wat salah agaknye tu..hihi...mak ckp rang jawa yg selalu wat camtu..betul ke? x tau plak sbb x pernah lagi tgk orang jawa lain wat camtu..

bile dh kawen..disebbkan dah terbiasa..buat la kat my parents in-law..tapi agaknye mesti diorang pelik kan..apsal la emo sgt just to salam raya...hihi...sorilaa dah terbiasa...at least i didnt burst out crying..;p

jalan2 lagi..??

yes....another series of jalan2 di perth...;D.. this time we're not alone..

my bro on-law came 4 days before raya, jalan2 dgn die dulu

spending quality time with ariza..best2!!

papa n mama came later on..

n cucu2 bermanja2 ngan tokpa n tokma die..

when syirah got used to uncle rizz being around, uncle rizz is already on his way back..

bye-bye uncle rizz...

we spent time to almost all of the significant places around perth with ariza, wanted to go to other places but time was just wasnt on our side..next time eh bro..
nevertheless it was a good time spent, syirah finally got to know her uncle..n izzah grew accustomed to ariza being around..thanx for the visit ariza..;D


Soooo sorry for the long 'hibernation'. Before anything..i hope its till not too late to wish all my blog readers, family n frens... Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..Minta maaf kirenye ader buat salah n silap..

Reason for the long hibernation simply becauuseee..... apa lagi raya sakan laaaa!!! sbnrnye..takde la sakan mana...saja2 buat sakan..sbb kalu x..mmg takkan rasa raya langsung...

i made some raya cookies..just to have the mood starting...didnt cook much the 1st day of raya.. coz everyone insisted me on making only simple dish..sbb nk pegi beraya umah org lain pastu.

izzah n syirah la best sbb dpt duit raya dr tokpa n tokma die..n pegi jalan2 dgn baju raya baru..hihi..

solat raya di taman, pretty cool...

simple celebration at home

open house pertama - uncle ishak n auntie fauziah

pas beraya gi taman bunga amik gambar..hahhaha..

izzah terima duit raya from pres of malaysian post grad students association of WA

open hse kedua-kak linda..kawan jumpa kat supermarket ;p (sempat lagi kan...)

open hse ketiga- kak nonie..my cyber-pals