27 February 2009

Dinner @ Wahseem's

We had a dinner invitation from hubby's classmate, Wahseem..yes his name is that..he comes from Mauritius..

Funny things is..Wahseem wanted to eat Nasi Goreng USA badly..coz he studied in Malaysia before and fell in love with Nasi Goreng USA so much..so he wants me to teach him cook Nasi Goreng USA for dinner..or simply cook tegether with him n his wife..

Problem is..i dunno how to make Nasi Goreng USA..hehe...yeah yeah..taula apa korang nk cakap..nasi goreng biasa je..ngan telur mata kerbau n daging masak merah..tapi kalu kat msia..keje beli kat gerai je.jarang nk buat sendiri..he sort of like the same taste he's been having back in Malaysia..he even explains to me how it tastes to him..aarrggghhhh~!!! habisla mati aku kalu x buat yg serupa cam die makan..

I searched like mad for the Nasi Goreng USA recipe..ya Allah...talking about desperation..susah betul nk cari the one that looked good, and recipe that seems similar to what he wanted n like .. and finally i found one..well, it doesnt exactly taste the same macam kat warong2 tu..coz it uses capsicum and fried using butter. but okla..at least ader gak resipi...bukan nye xleh nk hentam je wat..just wanted a guide thats all..kang salah terus kang..habis aku..dahlah si wahseem tu tgh kempunan..kesian lak kat dia..


4 pinggan nasi putih
4 ulas bawang merah [cincang]
2 ulas bawang putih [cincang]
1 biji cili capsicum merah
1 biji telur ayam (digoreng hancur)
1 mankuk kecil daging ayam [dipotong nipis dan kecil]
1/2 cawan mix-vege
1 sudu kecil lada hitam [ditumbuk lumat]

bahan hiasan
telur mata kerbau
salad coleslow
daun sup
tomato buah

1. Panaskan majerin, kemudian masukkan bahan-bahan yang telah dicincang beserta lada hitam.
2. Tumis hingga naik baunya.
3. Masukkan daging ayam dan biarkan seketika sehingga daging tersebut masak
4. Kemudian masukkan mix-vege dab telur hancur tadi.
5. Kacau hingga semuanya sebati. Masukkan garam dan serbuk perasa.
6. Kemudian masukkan nasi dan gaulkan hingga sebati.
7. Angkat dan masukkan dalam pinggan hidangan

wahseeem n wife, umeira

i didnt put daun sup, coleslaw, tomato..just the telur mata kerbau..add a 2 tbsp of blended soaked dried chillies while frying the onions..before adding the chicken..

i think if u wanted something similar to the one sold in warong..avoid the capsicum and fy using oil..

i paste the recipe here, simply because, in case there are people who are looking for the recipe like me and had a hard time finding..they can use this recipe..its full-proof..!! because..it was a hit with wahseem..and hubby..bth agreed that it didnt taste the same as the one in warong..but it was tasty..i serve together with sambal belacan..and it was a great combination..!!

Fuuuhhh...alhamdulillah sangat jadik nasi goreng usa aku..kalu x maluuuu nyeee!!! org msia x reti wat nasi goreng usa!! hahahaha

i will paste the daging merah recipe later sbb malas nk bukak buku resipiku..hehe

this is the best pic ive got..

25 February 2009

A day at Kindy

Ooohh...have i told u about izzah starting her kindy..guess not!! She has already started 3 weeks ago..

First impression..the headmaster was friendly and super sempoi..wearing t-shirt, pants and a pair of sport shoes..i guess for me that is sempoi coz,, im used to seeing headmaster wearing formal attire..

they had started a week earlier, we missed that..2 times a week 9am-3pm...again..i said..lamanya!! buat apa kat skolah lama2..bukan blaja apa2 pun..

izzah in her school shirt..it comes together with a skirt..but knowing izzah, she dediced not to wear the skirt that day..luckily school uniform is not compulsory for kindy kids..

then i met the teacher, and they gave us the school time table..
they had lots of activities..mostly izzah had done it all at home..colouring, pasting, puzzles, singing and reading story books.. but i find the main focus is to teach them to be independant and socialize with friends of their age..ooh and another thing..for izzah to learn english as well..

writing izzah's name on all her hats, etc
they have a break for fruit time, something like a tea-break, except u'll be eating fruits and share it with all ur friends,lunch, and have 20-30 minutes break for nap time.. they need to bring along their own cushion to sleep though so that they'll be more comfy sleeping and remind them of home.

the class teacher..ms sobejko

i had no problem sending izzah to school..the only thing that worries me is her problem with toilet training..we had done it all..the potty training, 15-20 min every day..what happended was she fell asleep in the toilet..LOL...can u believe that!!!
then we tried counselling..doesnt work either..then we tried other irrational ways like threatened her with no madagascar and toy story, doesnt work either...
and last resort.. reward!! will give her a super-duper cool toy if she goes to the toilet..and yet it didnt work!! OMG..im in total lost!! well after lots of attempts, what else we're supposed to do!! pray to Him that izzah will eventually go to the toilet and do her thing there!!

at last...few days before she starts her kindy..suddenly i saw her starting going behind the sofa, nak mula kan aktiviti die..i urge her to go straight to the potty..and to my amazed she did that exactly...hooraayyyy!!!! after that we cheered and praise her and went straight to Toys r us and bought her 'Jessie' the cowgirl character from toy story 2 (as promised,hehe)

luckily they still sell it here..(kalu Toys r us kat sbg parade yg hampeh tu jgn harapla aderr).Gosh...what an experience..dahsyat betul..nak amik exam x teruk camni..kene crack kepala mikir idea..

well now izzah is enjoying her kindy, she starts to remember her friends n teachers' name ( ooh they have a teacher and asst teacher..common thing here..in primary schools they have up to 3 teachers at a time in a classroom..imagine thattt!!!)

the assistant teacher..mrs tacher..look at the back of the pic..all the bags are hanged on the wall..the children has to hang the bags themselves..(teach them a thing or two about being independant ;))

im hoping the best for izzah..and at the same time..so that she can learn to make frends and other things at schoolits actually another challenge for me as a mother, u know its a new routine..wake up early morning, prepare her lunch box, send her to school n pick her up..hihi..lesser time surfing n blogging eh now..ermm guess i need to arrange my priorities in my time now

19 February 2009

Thirty One

Alhamdulillah.... Thank u Allah..

Its 17 minutes now..im already 31 years old...
First things first..thank u Allah for given me this life and rizq for me n my family to live on this earth..im thankful that my belief is still with Him and hopes He guides me to become a better person in the future..

Looking back for the past 31 years, the only thing i remembered or at least people have been saying is that i have always been a talkative and active girl ever since i was small..

There have been dark times in my life where i couldnt care less about my life, studies and future. alhamdulillah Allah has guided me out of this path.

Like everyone else..every life journey has its story.
For the past 31 years..there has been a stage of inferior due to such mockering and comparison between me and other people.. as i am not that pretty nor that brilliant in my teenage years..

i have learnt that education can help bring back my dignity..i fought for the best for me n my family to open the eyes of those people..

with education, i set my goal..and direct my every move towards that goal..Years of struggling..at last i was there, i was comfortable..having almost everything..

ooh well.. He knows whats best for us.. as we can only plan..
suddenly i was frustated..devastated..and lost hope in life..the mockerings came back..i fall hard and thought i wouldnt climb back and stayed down below forever!!

i fought my way back with His help and thinking that He had given me new hope in life, I begin a new chapter in my life with a different goal to lead..

Although the nature of men never fails to test my patience..

I soon learnt that men will be men..let them be..as i will now focus on my new goal...

I am now praying hard to have a blessed life ahead of me,become a better person spiritually and able to carry responsibilities bestowed upon me whole-heartedly..as i am only a servant and with soo many faults and imperfection in me.


16 February 2009


been tagged by a friend of mine in facebook..but rather write it here than in facebook..so here goes..

25 Random Things about me..

1. Im a mother of 2 beautiful girls..(and many more i hope..hehe)n married to a
unique man.

2. Im addicted to baking...in my kicthen..flour, eggs, baking powder n butter is a MUSSTTT...

3. Im currently trying to master time management...trying to do everything that my
heart desire..but feels that its not possible (some things may have to be
sacrficed.. ;( )

4. Have always hated to answer the question what i do for a living..coz ppl
cant imagine ME..becoming a housewife and dealing with the 'look' i get when answering them

5. I like to move around..always like myself to keep active..x leh ddk diam..

6. One more fav question been asked..how did i get so THIN..i dunno whats the answer
seriously..but i know breastfeeding and house chores helps..yeah i know, u'll say i b/feed too tapi tak kurus pun..errr..i dunno.. guess it didnt work that well
on everyone's body

8. Have always wondered when ppl asked me the above question..Am i that fat before???

9. I am an ambitious woman..

10.My life principles and philosophy change a lot for these couple of years

11.I'm workaholic..to the extend..i dont care if im not paid extra as long as
that job can give me priceless knowledge n life experience..(im crazy arent i?? no wonder im not working..hahahaha)

12.I like sports a LOT!!!

13.I have been sooo outdated these days as i havent been reading newspapers and other educational material to boost my general knowledge..(*sigh..)

14.I like banana alot.... can practically eat goreng pisang everyday..hihihihi..

15.I like tempe alot too..can eat that everyday too..

16. Ok practically i like to eat..muahahahanhah (tu yg x paham why ppl say im THIN, coz i dont think i am)

17. I higly respect people with great knowledge in Islam and practice them well in
their life.

18. I believe with positive encouragement, counselling and doa, we can help a bad person to be good.

19. I pray to Allah everyday for a blessed life.. (for my children especially.) be a good n better wife n mother.

20. The best days in my life is in the year 1995 and 2004.

21. I get panicked easily..i am trying to overcome that...always happend when im cooking for guests..the food'll become lousy..arrgggghh!! bad impression..

22. Whenever u see or feel me act differently, please dont judge anything...im still the same Suriani...i may have problems that's either too personal to share or i dont want people to get bored listening to it. (have had that problem when ppl think ive changed since i got married)

23. I like to treat people to good food, like people to come to my house n makan2..
have to overcome #21 though..haha)or treat to a restaurant..mudah2an Allah murahkan rezeki..been a while since last time i did that..

24. i dont know how to react when being teased sarcastically..or even answer to such sarcastic remarks..will just keep quite n keep my distance from that person..(need to learn to fight back to such remarks!!)

25. Thankful to Allah for everything that He has given me all this while, life, hardship, marridge, parents, children and rizq..Alhamdulillah

09 February 2009

25th Jan 2009

The date above was my mom's bday..Happy Birthday Mak..hehe..
this entry is really a backdated one.. anyway ive been meaning to post it anyway when im free and have the right thing to say..

My family havent been celebrating bdays for quite some time..mainly everyone was busy and celebrated only when evryone is around for a small gathering..it was always a belated celebration...and some family members may even forget each other's bdays.. its normal i guess when a family is growing..bday celebration would then be focused mainly towards the children..

but anyway, i hope i will always remeber my family member's bday..until like...forever!! haha...its nice to wish isnt it..but for my frends.. maybe the close ones not all..giler ke..punyer la ramai..

oohh..back to my mom..on this day..i pray to Allah to give my mom the stregth, health and wisdom to stand on this wonderful world Allah has created for us..

Semoga Allah tingkatkan iman, murahkan rezeki dan sentiasa limpahkan rahmat dan rahimNya ke atas ibuku..

although the time spent with my mom was not as often as before.. but it sure is nice knowing that she's still there when i need her..and hopefully i can be there when she needs me..