19 February 2009

Thirty One

Alhamdulillah.... Thank u Allah..

Its 17 minutes now..im already 31 years old...
First things first..thank u Allah for given me this life and rizq for me n my family to live on this earth..im thankful that my belief is still with Him and hopes He guides me to become a better person in the future..

Looking back for the past 31 years, the only thing i remembered or at least people have been saying is that i have always been a talkative and active girl ever since i was small..

There have been dark times in my life where i couldnt care less about my life, studies and future. alhamdulillah Allah has guided me out of this path.

Like everyone else..every life journey has its story.
For the past 31 years..there has been a stage of inferior due to such mockering and comparison between me and other people.. as i am not that pretty nor that brilliant in my teenage years..

i have learnt that education can help bring back my dignity..i fought for the best for me n my family to open the eyes of those people..

with education, i set my goal..and direct my every move towards that goal..Years of struggling..at last i was there, i was comfortable..having almost everything..

ooh well.. He knows whats best for us.. as we can only plan..
suddenly i was frustated..devastated..and lost hope in life..the mockerings came back..i fall hard and thought i wouldnt climb back and stayed down below forever!!

i fought my way back with His help and thinking that He had given me new hope in life, I begin a new chapter in my life with a different goal to lead..

Although the nature of men never fails to test my patience..

I soon learnt that men will be men..let them be..as i will now focus on my new goal...

I am now praying hard to have a blessed life ahead of me,become a better person spiritually and able to carry responsibilities bestowed upon me whole-heartedly..as i am only a servant and with soo many faults and imperfection in me.



Anonymous said...

hepi besday sue.. dah 18 tahun kita kawan.. hehehe.. (ade nama rizq dlm blog awak tue..:) )

نادرة said...

happy birthday kak chun .! may Allah bless u .


SuE KasSiM said...

nik : thanx..hehe tulah bangga la tu nama rizq ader..hehe..
nadhirah : thank u for the wish..ameen.. take care nadhirah..

Mysunshine cake said...

salam chun,
oohh dear, sorry lupa ur & mak bday. Happy belated Bday. semoga murah rezeki & dipanjangkan umur... and stay strong. I Knw you are a strong person. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Sue...years of friendship we've known just wanna say May Allah Bless u Always on the year ahead...mwahs!

SuE KasSiM said...

k ayu: eh xpe k ayu...dun worry..anyway thank u!!ameen
nora :thanx nora..ameen..