09 February 2009

25th Jan 2009

The date above was my mom's bday..Happy Birthday Mak..hehe..
this entry is really a backdated one.. anyway ive been meaning to post it anyway when im free and have the right thing to say..

My family havent been celebrating bdays for quite some time..mainly everyone was busy and celebrated only when evryone is around for a small gathering..it was always a belated celebration...and some family members may even forget each other's bdays.. its normal i guess when a family is growing..bday celebration would then be focused mainly towards the children..

but anyway, i hope i will always remeber my family member's bday..until like...forever!! haha...its nice to wish isnt it..but for my frends.. maybe the close ones not all..giler ke..punyer la ramai..

oohh..back to my mom..on this day..i pray to Allah to give my mom the stregth, health and wisdom to stand on this wonderful world Allah has created for us..

Semoga Allah tingkatkan iman, murahkan rezeki dan sentiasa limpahkan rahmat dan rahimNya ke atas ibuku..

although the time spent with my mom was not as often as before.. but it sure is nice knowing that she's still there when i need her..and hopefully i can be there when she needs me..


Anonymous said...

happy belated besday gak mak cik... she's always there gak masa kitaorg perlukan die.. kalu mak awak x tgk msg nie, bgtau die ye sue..

p/s: awak ingat lg x besday saya sue kassim??? hehheeh