16 February 2009


been tagged by a friend of mine in facebook..but rather write it here than in facebook..so here goes..

25 Random Things about me..

1. Im a mother of 2 beautiful girls..(and many more i hope..hehe)n married to a
unique man.

2. Im addicted to baking...in my kicthen..flour, eggs, baking powder n butter is a MUSSTTT...

3. Im currently trying to master time management...trying to do everything that my
heart desire..but feels that its not possible (some things may have to be
sacrficed.. ;( )

4. Have always hated to answer the question what i do for a living..coz ppl
cant imagine ME..becoming a housewife and dealing with the 'look' i get when answering them

5. I like to move around..always like myself to keep active..x leh ddk diam..

6. One more fav question been asked..how did i get so THIN..i dunno whats the answer
seriously..but i know breastfeeding and house chores helps..yeah i know, u'll say i b/feed too tapi tak kurus pun..errr..i dunno.. guess it didnt work that well
on everyone's body

8. Have always wondered when ppl asked me the above question..Am i that fat before???

9. I am an ambitious woman..

10.My life principles and philosophy change a lot for these couple of years

11.I'm workaholic..to the extend..i dont care if im not paid extra as long as
that job can give me priceless knowledge n life experience..(im crazy arent i?? no wonder im not working..hahahaha)

12.I like sports a LOT!!!

13.I have been sooo outdated these days as i havent been reading newspapers and other educational material to boost my general knowledge..(*sigh..)

14.I like banana alot.... can practically eat goreng pisang everyday..hihihihi..

15.I like tempe alot too..can eat that everyday too..

16. Ok practically i like to eat..muahahahanhah (tu yg x paham why ppl say im THIN, coz i dont think i am)

17. I higly respect people with great knowledge in Islam and practice them well in
their life.

18. I believe with positive encouragement, counselling and doa, we can help a bad person to be good.

19. I pray to Allah everyday for a blessed life.. (for my children especially.) be a good n better wife n mother.

20. The best days in my life is in the year 1995 and 2004.

21. I get panicked easily..i am trying to overcome that...always happend when im cooking for guests..the food'll become lousy..arrgggghh!! bad impression..

22. Whenever u see or feel me act differently, please dont judge anything...im still the same Suriani...i may have problems that's either too personal to share or i dont want people to get bored listening to it. (have had that problem when ppl think ive changed since i got married)

23. I like to treat people to good food, like people to come to my house n makan2..
have to overcome #21 though..haha)or treat to a restaurant..mudah2an Allah murahkan rezeki..been a while since last time i did that..

24. i dont know how to react when being teased sarcastically..or even answer to such sarcastic remarks..will just keep quite n keep my distance from that person..(need to learn to fight back to such remarks!!)

25. Thankful to Allah for everything that He has given me all this while, life, hardship, marridge, parents, children and rizq..Alhamdulillah


Anonymous said...

no 20 tu, sy include dlm tu kan.. hehehhe

SuE KasSiM said...

ye nik..awak, kawan2, persekitran..sumernye..saya suka tahun tu!! sumer mende yg jadi alhamdulillah menjadi titik tolak pada perubahan hidup saya..

Anonymous said...

hehehe.. setiap ari adela time yg paling best kan sue.. skrg pun mcm tue sejak ade suami & anak nie...

Anonymous said...

wah... sukanya baca tagges ni. so pure...n honest

2004 - married

SuE KasSiM said...

nik : ha'ah..alhamdulillah..
mona : haha aku pun suka..salah satu cara nk express diri kite in a fun way..yup pandai pun kau..aku kawen tahun tu..!!!


Sue.. referring to no.23 tu... ko pass with flying colours... terbayang2 aku chicken pie tu... bile ko balik sini ko buat la biz... aku offer diri jadik marketing manager ko... hehhe