22 October 2008

Jalan2 lagi..?? PART 2

We continued the 'jalan2 lagi' series when nonie, my sis-in-law came 5 days after ariza went back... we went to the most talked about places..Margaret River, Cape Leeuwin, and the Busselton Jetty..which apparently the longest Jetty in the southern hemisphere...syukur la ader rezeki nk bawa nonie, mama n papa pegi jalan2 kat situ..it was a tremendous experience..very refreshing seeing all the farm animals n green trees along the way..

we stopped for lunch at a roadside resting area...had picnic there.. i made chicken pie (alhamdulillah jadik ;)) and papa wat rendang daging...woo terer papa..takdelah rendang daging instant jee,,hehe... hehe sori papa baru je papa nk kembang hidung bangga..kih kih.. and some oreo muffins for dessert

we arrived at Busselton Jetty and took some pictures there...we didnt manage to walk along the jetty..apparently it was sooooo long...(as it was called the Longest Jetty kan..) every one was tired and it was kinda dangerous for the kids..

and took a breeze at the Prevelly Beach..

and finally we arrived at the famous Margaret River..spent only a night there..sempatla nk beli choc fudge at the Fudge Factory there..

and on the way back we stopped at Cape Leeuwin, to visit the famous Lighthouse. From here we can see the meeting of the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean.. It was a lovely place.seriously..Subhanallah..although the weather was veeryyy windy and it drizzles a bit..we couldnt resist ourselves to enjoy the scenery n take lots of pictures..

lastly we stopped at Augusta to have our lunch before heading home