20 October 2008

jalan2 lagi..??

yes....another series of jalan2 di perth...;D.. this time we're not alone..

my bro on-law came 4 days before raya, jalan2 dgn die dulu

spending quality time with ariza..best2!!

papa n mama came later on..

n cucu2 bermanja2 ngan tokpa n tokma die..

when syirah got used to uncle rizz being around, uncle rizz is already on his way back..

bye-bye uncle rizz...

we spent time to almost all of the significant places around perth with ariza, wanted to go to other places but time was just wasnt on our side..next time eh bro..
nevertheless it was a good time spent, syirah finally got to know her uncle..n izzah grew accustomed to ariza being around..thanx for the visit ariza..;D