10 November 2008


We were shocked to see this show on tv.. the title was ' Msia..Dirty Politics.'
Dirty Politics..?? I dunno what to feel.. if im in msia i probably wouldnt feel a thing..but being abroad..makes us feel that we're some sort of an ambassador..
so malu la sket..espcially when the whole australia is watching it..what would ppl think of us when they see n know we're msian..

there's the altantuya story..the claim that Najib is involved in it..anwar's sodimy case..raja petra..sigh..!!
it was sad though to see such a story here in aussie..just like when we're in msia watching other countries corrupt story...embarassed thats the word i guess..
but am i not being patriotic enough by feeling that way..ermm i dunno..
when u see our politic scenario in a whole lot of dimension, u start to be more analytical about it..at least that happend to me..

at the end of the day..we can only pray the best for our country..aint that right??