16 September 2008

Cheerful environment

It has always been true that positive reinforcement creates positive results..

So we bought things that could make izzah be active and going to the playground whenever we got time..

it was sooo windy that day...only manage to spend a short time at the palyground..xpe next time around, hopefully the weather will be better

syirah biasalaa.. nangis bile kat tempat yg x biasa pegi.


sweetluckie said...

alah tirah ni.. nangis je.. hehehe :)

SuE KasSiM said...

hmmm biasala si syirah...org tgk cam die lak yg sakit..

ms nonie said...

hope izzah is feeling better..will always pray for her health :) dont worry eh kaksue! everything will be okay..die saje je tau aunty nonie die sakit, die pun nak sakit gak.. hehe .. tula tirah nii comey jee bile nangis..geram!!

Anonymous said...

ala comeynye dia..nangis pun cute :)