08 September 2008

Something different

Since i couldnt go to surau/masjid to perform tarawikh..i asked hubby what was it like to perform tarawikh here, was it any diff from msia..

He said everything was the same, cuma xde selawat lepas bagi salam tu and the most interesting was one of the imam that day was wearing a jeans and t-shirt while leading the congregation..

hmm...agak2 la kan if that scenario were to happen in msia..orang pandang serong ke x? yelah we're used to seeing imam wearing jubah n all..tetiba yang ni sempoi je pakai jeans..pastu hubby kata bacaan die pun ok, hmmm...tula org kata dont judge a book by its cover, although that saying may not be true to all occasion, coz sometimes its our image that reflects us, but it's always good to have good thoughts to seeing something diff in front of us kan..


Anonymous said...

salam chun,
akak dah link my blog to yours...