18 September 2008

Praise be to Allah :)

Praise be to Allah..

Setinggi2 syukur pada Allah SWT..Alhamdulillah izzah has shown signs of improvements..

After much physical and spiritual effort being done..izzah is slowly becoming herself again.I couldnt express the joy after first seeing her walk around the house and a little bit of running here n there with syirah..

Ya Allah, if only i could shout to the world..i'd be shouting...'anak aku dah bleh jalaaaannnn!!!!!'

But the first thing i remembered was to thank the Almighty for giving us izzah back..
Ok..im starting to cry now..hmmm...

Paling terasa masa iftar, when she sat in her chair n eat together with us..mintak tu mintak nih..like she always do, ya Allah dah lama izzah x makan sekali..kalu ddk sekali pun nangis..n kene pangku je, x nak makan apa2.. syukur nye ya Allah..

Although the improvements has been encouraging, all the massaging and exercise will continue..coz sometimes i can still see her holding her back when she played too much with syirah..meaning she's still not 100% ok..

I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for izzah, especially my family members in msia..and not forgetting nz ;) hehe... may you be blessed by Allah in this world and Hereafter..ameen

she used to straightened her leg whenever she's playing on the ground, and had to stuggle standing up..now she can bend her knees.. and stand up smoothly..alhamdulillah :)


Anonymous said...

Salam k.sue :)

I'm glad your daughter is ok. Dah lame ke die sakit?

Akak dah lame ke duduk kat Perth? Sy penah pegi holiday dulu kat situ. Tp dah lame dah. Your hubby ke yg belajar, or you? Sori soalan bertubi-tubi. Haha. Nnt kalo ade mase, sy bace entry akak yg lame2 :D

Akak x buat kuih raye ke?

Your girls are so cute!

p/s: leh sy linkkan blog akak?

SuE KasSiM said...

waalaikumsalam fieza..
yes..syukur anak akak dh baik..syukur sgt..baru 7 mtnhs..hubby yg sambg blaja, oo insya-Allah kueh raya wat..since my daughter dah sihat nih..its a must to make the cookies for both of them..;)
alrite..please do, linkkan je..

FAR said...

im glad to hear that!


Laaa... tak tahu pun anak ko sakit... siannye.. Alhamdulillah dah sihat..
Aku paham perasaan ko tengok anak sakit.. Rasa helpless sangat..
Masa Hazyq sakit and operate dulu antara one of my darkest moment.. masa tu tak pikir ape dah.. doa nak anak sihat jer.. biar kite jer sakit asalkan die sihat...


SuE KasSiM said...

aqie: hmm thanx aqie..im glad too

eliza: hmm sori arr x smpt bitau kau..aku inform dlm blog je, hoping that my family n frens would read it..mmg..masa jadi tu aku mmg ingatkan kat kau..agaknye ni perasaan kau masa hazyq sakit dulu..

Anonymous said...

sue...sori aku baru je jengah blog ko..alhamdulillah semuanya dh ok..tu la..aku tgk korg2 yg ada anak2 ni semua mcm tu kan..inclding my sis..then bila anak buah aku sakit aku yg tk keruan..agaknya kalo anak aku sendiri nanti camne la ek.. :-)

SuE KasSiM said...

tula shue...kalu anak sendiri risaunye lagi lebih...syukurla anak aku dah sihat..