21 September 2007

cakes..yum yum

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its nurin...al-fatihah...i would never have thought the girl i saw in the news read in MHI was nurin..

that news then only showed an unidentified girl who had been killed after being raped. the news itself was horrifring for us who wasnt her parents, what more to a parent who had to find out their missing child was actually being killed after being treated in such a way...

na'uzubillah min zalik...ya Allah ya tuhanku....lindungilah anak2 ku ...

i was so shocked to hear at the news i almost cried...as i too could somehow understand their parents reaction to the news...

have people lost compassion...no child in the world shoud be treated in such a way...

condolence for nurin's family..n may she have the best place in heaven..ameen

18 September 2007


sometimes i do hope people can understand each other without even explaining why this n why that
sometimes i do hope people can just give good remarks to others and just have good thoughts on people around them..
sometimes i do hope that people pray for the best on others when what they see isnt what they want it to be

but then again we are only humans...

n im saying like we're all perfect..

well its just a hope.. :)

Ramadhan comes again

To all muslims out there...selamat menyambut ramadhan..
moga ramadhan kali ini is even better than before...