09 October 2007

the ramadhan dilemma

its 3.35 am n i'm still not asleep..still waiting for my cake in the oven..40 more minutes to wait sampai die masak... jgn terbabas sahur sudah..hehe

at this time of hour, how i wish i could make the best out of it by doing something else...really wanted to perform qiyam, but my energy level getting exhausted from the all day house-chores and filling up cake orders...this really bothers me..

at one end, i am greatful that i have perform it before, well ppl do say that if you havnt perform qiyam at least lerform it once in ur lifetime, or did i get it wrong.. but then again its not good to feel ok and beng satisfied with what we have, coz we wont know if what we've done is really enough.

all make sense when u think about it in a wider perception..being a wife n all, n evry single thing that u do for the family n husband will always be counted generously... coz u dun have the luxury of time to do the things like our husband do, solat lama2, baca quran and others coz when u're busy doing that, the kids will start doing something weird just to divert our attention to them..

hmm i really do miss my tarawih session, alhamdullah i have benefitted it before n really hope to exercise it again with my children when they are ready for it..