15 February 2011



Allah menguji setiap hamba yg Dia sayangi, coz in every test lies a hikmah that Allah knows and for us to find out.

As His servant, we are tested many times in life. Even i have faced many challenges in life, and i always remind myself to always thank Allah for every test that He gives. For all these test will strenghthen our heart and Iman. Depending on how u see every test given to u,
if u take it calmy and seek His guidance to overcome every test, U will succeed and hold triumph with u. U will fail when u see that the test is a burden and give up on it.

Everytime we seek His guidance, our du'a, prayer, zikr..pergantungan kita pada Allah itu akan buat kite main dekat dgn Allah. Coz when u do this, the spark of ilham will englighten our mind on how to solve our test.. not only we can solve it later but our belief in Allah will become stronger..as He is the one who gives us Hidayah on how to solve our problem.

So cant u see the magic of it all..Subhanallah.. we become more calm n more dependant on Him and thus making us a better servant.

06 February 2011



Yes, i know, people will always tell u.. Pray to Allah..ask for his guidance..ask for his help..

and most the answer will always be, or at least ive often heard of is... ' ye..ok dah doa dah..' or haa doa tu doa la tapi camna ni...bla bla'

The thing is.. it WILL REALLY HELP you. Whether it'll be early or late, it will still come..but the point is, pray n put ur 100% faith to Allah and be patient and sincere.

As a muslim, our weapon is du'a. Allah will give us EVERYTHING we want, providing we do what he says .

Everytime im writing in my blog it will always be a reminder for myself, for we are weak, and as muslim we are earge to deliver good messages to our fellow muslims as we might some time forget or may simply have the lack ok knowledge.

Allah will always be there for you just raise ur hand and ask n tell everything to Allah..insyaAllah He will help you..ameen...

Allahu akbar..!!