12 March 2008

local vs overseas

i was popped this intriguing question from my inner self...

what is the diff btw a our local students n our students from overseas???
dont get me wrong...i dun have anything against u guys out there stduying overseas...even my husband now is studying in perth..

the workload is lesser (only a max of 4 subject/sem), the expectation from our lecturer is lower..and everything seems more relax n enjoyable..

unlike us (me n hubby) when we did our undergrad.. to take a 4 subjects per semester is like u're an insanely a lazy person...the min is 5 subjects..max can go to 8 subjects per sem. one sem can be 4-4 1/2 months which somewhat the same here in curtin. lecturers will always expect us to be more intelligent than him and always expects something superb from the sutdents...which eventually creates tension and misery to students who unable to live up to that expectation..

my whole entire uni years , i have never been applauded when giving a presentation... (eventhough sometimes i feel i presented well)

my husband was more than amaze when his classmate presents his assignment in front of the class with some grammar mistakes here n there n a low eye-contact with audience. he was praised for a good job and applauded by the lecturer n the whole class...what a recognition!! if i was in his place..i wouldnt care less to talk again in front of the class for the next assign given..

i would think living abroad alone without a family also boost up ur confidence. Doing things u never done before..like opening a bank account, going to the supermarket n buying ur groceries all by urself, coz maybe before this ur parents would've done that for u..budgeting ur money throughout the year..all that can create u to be more independant.

n now i know why overseas students received better reviews from employers in msia...the exposure and confidence overseas students has cannot compete with the local students espcially in terms of self-confidence n acknowledgement.

of course this doesnt say all local students are down-rated, n not all overseas students are great...but i do believe the exposure they get are way beyond what we are getting in msia...that explains the unemployment problem in msia.

how to overcome that??!! maybe it starts at home, maybe school..or a better approach in uni...

but i do feel grateful to Allah i dun have to go overseas to feel confident n independant, i got it all in msia..

my head starts to worry about izzah n syirah..i pray everyday everything will be fine with them in the future.. n me n hubby will insya-Allah help them to live their life well in future, starting from now..