30 March 2008

panic moment

Few days ago, we were very shocked to find our car window were smashed...well actually not smashed, been cut to be exact. the theft were looking for valuables in the car but i guess he didnt manage to get any.

At first we were terrified n scared. its a funny thing actually..coz, if this happen in msia, i dun think we're gonna be this panic.

i suddenly feel insecure, hubby felt worse, kept thinking about the car. we almost ginna sell the car n use bicycles instead..coz, if it happens again, it would costs a lot to change the window glass again n we wouldnt feel safe with the neighbourhood anymore

thanks to my parents in-law who advised us on this matter, things were back normal.
hubby found comfort in their aasuring words n soon he was back in his feet. truely...one or the other, its our family that we seek when we're in trouble..

alhamdulillah...we are now more cautious of our surroundings..n take extra measure to ensure our safety, but most of all we seek the protection from Allah...always..

we usually park the car like this, after the incident..we decided to park the car straight, not being blocke by the wall anymore...;)


Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah that your family is safe that day. It could be worse of the theft break into your house. Take care. -Shue

SuE KasSiM said...

yes shue...syukur pada Allah that we're safe..i do hope nothing worse will happen..