18 May 2008


Before i forget, Happy Birthday to IRFAN NAQIUDDIN BIN AHMAD ZAILAN....thats my nephew..my bro's son...happy bday pan...nanti balik msia achik chun kasi hadiah ek..
lama dah x celeb bday ngan irfan kan...sumer org sibuk...xpelah nnti kite gi celeb eh..

Ok..we finally joined the msian students postgraduate community here in perth..alhamdulillah..lots of friendly faces and it really feels like home when meeting them..sumernye ramah2 belaka..

we had barbecued lamb, nasi minyak, sup ekor..karipap n popiah...i brought some cakes for them n there were others who brought kueh bakar..(ooo sedap kueh bakar die), n agar2..

izzah made new friends of her own...hmmm she's getting bigger everyday...hehe...
im happy that she's happy meeting all her new friends...which gives more reason for us to send her to kindy next year...hehe...

Irfan showing off his IRON MAN presents..(sabar jela pan...)

Friendly new friends in perth..

Izzah n her new friends..