29 May 2008


Salam to everyone..

Sorry ive not been updating the blog..weather here is getting colder everyday...
raining almost everyday...sejuknye subhanallah..

izzah n syirah just got better from their cold... alhamdulillah.. i personally dun like my kids getting sick...not only i pity them for having to bear the pain, n feeling uncomfortable all over but their rebellious act on medication..

ya Allah i would do anything rather than giving them to drink the syrup, izzah have always survived flu n fever by her own..no drugs can penetrate her body..syirah however can drink , but only a bit..after a few times, she would spat it out ...
i should be grateful in some way, coz its good that less drugs are injected in their body..their immune system should do all the work..

i wouldnt blame them for their reluctance..i guess it comes from me..i have never...NEVER liked medicine..i've never swallowed a single panadol pill until i was 16 or 18 i think, hahahaha sampaikan doc kat klinik nak marah sbb dah besar2 mintak ubat air lagi...LOL..sib baik la skrg ni relak je makan jamu pill tu..kalu jamu serbuk tu hhehe..sorila...lum berjaya lagi...

i guess bcoz of that reason, my kids hardly get any fever..syukur alhamdulillah.. itu hikmahnye rupanye..syukur sangat..