10 July 2009

More albany..

The second day in albany was better..syukur alhamdulillah the sun was shining brightly..on the way back..we stopped at these places..

The Gapp & The Natural Bridge

The landscape was like..out of this world..subhanallah...although u have to be careful to walk on the rocks coz the surface is slippery..and the wind blowing from the sea..errggg SEJUUUKKKK...it was windy n cold.. despite all that..it was worth it..

Mount Clearance
A scenic view of the Albany town..and there's a memorial statue there as well..

and.. the Wind Farm

i guess you could guess how the wind farm works..energy produced by the windmill..actually we can go to higher grounds for better picture..but..we were catching up time..coz we dont wanna arrive perth late at night..and one more thing
the roads along the way xde lampu..errkk...dangerous n scary as well..

so thats it.. our final cuti2 perth...


Mona said...

amboi2 mama sue..... kemain lagi dia ye... bagus... mama ni aktif tau!

SuE KasSiM said...

hahaha tula kan mona..terlupa sebentar aku ngandung..hhihiih...