09 July 2009


its been nice to go albany..although at first we wanted to wait for any of our family members..who MIGHT just come to give us a visit n join us..hehe ;p

It was a long trip almost 7 hrs..macam nk balik kelantan je..alhamdulillah i was ok throughout the journey, the kids were ok too but after 3-4 hours they got bored..luckily we didnt have to face any of their tantrums along the way..HOORAYYY for the Airianis...alhamdulillah..

we stop and ate lunch at williams..nama tempat tu williams.. there was a lake there, even then the view was magnificent..very calm n peaceful..dh terasa dh suasana country tu..ooh the place we're going to is somewhat country-like..ala2 kampung gitu..lots of farms n we can see the cows, sheeps, horses..

One thing about countries with 4 season..we need to check the weather forecast regularly..coz winter in perth is wet..n the next day was forecasted raining..xdela percaya 100%..tp just be precautious..wear extra thick..n bring ur umbrella..
apart from that albany is said to be a cold place..n me being FORGETFULL... didnt bring any jacket...aaaihhh!!! i survived with ONLY thick shirts and wearing many layers of it..luckily i didnt get cold or anything..

1st destination..Whale World..

This ship is used to catch whales in those days

look at the size of that whale..and thats is the smallest tau..

and we also went to see some shows on sharks as well..tapi xde lak gbr sharks yg diambil

important facts learnt :
1. The normal size of a whale is the size of an aircraft.
2. The heart of a whale is the size of a mini mpv mercedes car (besar kan)
3. Human kill sharks for commercial purposes over 30 million a year..and sharks kill
human for ONLY 10 or even less than that in a year..(so sape yg kejam nih)
4. Sharks eats all the dead and diseased animals to keep the ocean clean..(and what do we do..we KILL them..sbb tula ocean kite byk tercemar skrg..apart from the
pollution that we make..we ruin the natural ecosystem as well..:(