26 January 2011


Alhamdulillah sudah masuk tahun baru 2011.

In this new year, insyaAllah new resolutions in life.

Yang penting rasa cam nk wat perubahan diri yg ultimate, tapi
better not tell nanti x jadi. Mudah2an berkekalan.

Alhamdulillah DH skrg suka balik umah n bercerita tentang bende2 yg didengar di radio n ofis,
alhamdulillah jugak memende yg didengar tu adalah mende yg bermanfaat.

So since i dun know what to write in this blog, i might as well write the stories that DH always tells me.

There are so many, but i think i want to start with this one first.

I will only take the conclusion.
Tanggapan kita tentang rezeki. Many thinks it only involves monetory, whereas it involves many things, such as an obedient child, a faithful wife/husband, a happy family, daily food that never run out of supply everyday, clothes we wear and so many many more.

And another one, our faith towards the rizq that Allah will give us.
Dulu i myself always worry about whether we have enough money to live. but now alhamduillah
Allah has given me guidance that rizq is in His hand. Work and ask for his barakah in the effort we take. Dunt think too hard, coz there is always something for everyone in this world. Whatever He has given us, that is the best. If we cant have something we want, that is not meant for us.

I am trying to instill this belief in me and i hope all my muslim frens will too.
Always be grateful for everything He has given us, the ability to eat using our hands, the ability to see, to eat with our mouth, to walk with our feet.

Subhanallah ..Alhamdulillah..