27 January 2011

MZ dtg lagi..

Maher Zain dtg lagi ke KL..

Hmm rasanya x yah la kot nak pegi konsert die..
bukan x suka, bukan dah bosan.
but since his last visit, I thought going to his concert was what a fan would NORMALLY
do when their fav singer is in town.

Then i realize, the satisfaction of just listening to his songs everyday is beyond
comparison. And for that reason, i dun think going to his concert is necessary.
If i were to meet him, let it be a personal invitation.. to talk to him n get to know him
haha..over bukan..

but why not, i really love to know him.. its good to be friends with another good muslim..

if he has good traits that my children can idolize.. why not..young people need more
singers like MZ to be idolize..

i pray to Allah more singers like MZ will be born, singing good songs and brings clean yet stylish
muslim images that reflects who muslim really are.

and i pray MZ will be a better muslim everyday, so he will make n sing good songs for me n my family to hear..ameen.. ;))