27 February 2008


did i told u about our house? think not..

its an old one story terrace house.. its actually an old house..the desgign n door knobs n such has classic designs...

we have 3 rooms, one bathroom n one toilet, a small kitchen n a laundry room..

kite mana ader laundry room..tp diorang ader, agaknye sbb the washing machine is making lots of noise, baiklah letak die dlm satu bilik, biar die wat bising sorang2...there's also iron in that room..at first i couldnt figure out what was this iron located in the laundry room, yela kite kan selalunye letak kat bilik ke, mana2 la..but not dekat mesin basuh...

after a while i figured, maybe it was their normal routine to iron their clothes right after washing..coz they always have a 'drain n spin' function on every w/macine.

umah ni fully furnished, so everything ader..n cari yg x furnished cam x berbaloi, coz x tau stay brape lama..tkt beli barang elektrik nnti gunanye x lama mana.

but everyone been saying, this house was a good bargain...quite near to the uni, n supermarket is just around the corner, kedai mkn pun ader..okla...syukur alhamdulillah...

kulit syirah still kering...itu yg wat muka die jadi merah, izzah nyer muka baru nk start kering... kept applying lotion to their face n body...but it doesnt get any better...need to go to the pharmacy i guess n find a more suitable lotion for them..
well that includes me too, using baby lotion tp x elok2 pun kulit..
bile dah kering gatal, bile gatal asyik nk menggaru je...

orait...izzah ni sibuk nk mandi...siap dh buka seluar dah...better go n bath her..