22 February 2008

story story..

izzah, posing out in front of the old car

Salam all,
after 6 days in perth, i think things went well...or is it bcoz my parents in-law are still here and i feel like its only another holiday trip we used to take.

hmm...i guess once we're here all by our self, the feeling will be different.
our social life begins, yelah kalu x mesti rase sunyi n susah jgk if something happened and there's no one to ask for help.

oooh talking about that, today hubby went out to change the car's tire (btw hubby bought a second hand toyota camry for only RM1500...gilerr ader ke keta harga camtu...cam kelakar je....but its an old car anyway.)on the way back..tetiba keta mati....sib baik tgh turun bukit ..kalu naik bukit abislah....alhamdulillah sempat parking safely....panic jgk sbb time tu he was alone, and luckily my father in-law is still here, so aderla og nk minta tolong..last2 survey keta 2nd hand lain sbb keta tu dah kuwar2 asap hitam sumer...

finally jumpa a 2nd hand honda accord...okla price pun reosanable...alhamdulillah..

syirah is having flu and cough...aritu dh baik tetiba sakit balik..by monday kalu x ok, kene bawk jumpa paedritician...risau jgk... pipi die merah...memula ingatkan konon2 sbb sejuk la pipi merh, rupanye kulit die kering...kene sapu losyen tetiap hari..

kesian kat syirah...maybe she's not used to the weather...all the msian routine on taking bath is totally out, skrg the kids mandi sekali je.. pagi is too cold for them, so mandi kul 4-5pm tu is just nice..sbb time tu tgh panas.. kalu lewat sket, the wind is getting colder... i hope she'll get better soon, x sanggup dgr die merenyek...

ok, nk tido..will be posting again soon...wassalam...