26 February 2008

its so hot

since yesterday, the weather is so hot..it exactly feels like the one at home.

hubby said, nonie n my parens in-law were lucky coz during their stay it wasnt as hot as this. cooler n more windy..

skrg ni angin pun xde, mmg rase cam msia masa tgh musim panas...except kat sini u've got to be extra cautious when going out...WEAR UR SUNBLOCKS!!!!

skin cancer rate statictics is quite high here..the ozone layer dah berlubang kat sini..

oops izzah dh bgn tido..gtg...bye


Anonymous said...

eh windu la plak kat mek izzah.. cian aisya takde kawan nak main.. huhuh

SuE KasSiM said...

alaa yeke...xpe..nnti kite ber'ym' ek...izzah pun rindu ngan family kt msia..asyik sebut je...dh xde la org menjerit nangis sbb xnk mandi kt umh mama..hehe