10 April 2008

Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair

To all my friends n family in Msia...do come to my previous company's booth..
Griffon Holdings Sdn Bhd , at booth no 3150, level 1, at the Tun Razak 3 Hall in PWTC.

This year they'll be concentrating on children's book i.e Billy the Blue Bunny..
Its a good book..ive tried reading it to izzah n she learned a lot from the book..
Im not kidding ok...or else i wont be promoting here..hehehe
They are also selling t-shirts , ive seen the design on paper...it should be even more attractive on actual t-shirt.

Apart from that they'll be giving away cool prizes as lucky draws...so u might just have the chance to win those prizes... i cant remember all the prizes..but one of them are flat screen 32" TV..hahahaha..sapa yg tak nak weii!!!

so..do come to our booth...u wont regret it for life...i'll tell u that...

hmmm sedihnye...tahun lepas x dpt pegi sbb tgh pantang..thn ni lak kat perth...
im going to buy some n ask my sis-in-law to post it for me..(nanti ksue bayar ja)...nk kasi izzah baca kat sini...n to promote to my friends here during izzah's birthday party...(kalu jadi laa wat bday party tu or else its just us)

ooh for more info do visit their website www.griffonsky.com.my


Anonymous said...

ala.. web yg kau bg tu tak dak pun buku2.. tgh update gaknya...

kalau aku nak order boleh ke diorang poskan.... tak balik KL ler plak

SuE KasSiM said...

ok mona...leh no problem..check email kau.kasi details kau kat aku..
alamat n no phone sumer...nak pos n nak verify order..