26 April 2008

online bday party!!!

Happy birthday to two of my beautiful princesses...!!!

syirah's on the 25th april n izzah will come soon on the 30th..
we celebrated their birthday 2 days back with our families in msia....online that is...

quite sad coz my mom couldnt get online and my other sis-in-law wasnt not online as well.... but for the few who was there...it was worth the celebration...
made choc cake for their birthday..a new recipe from my beloved auntie nana...taste wonderful..(thanx auntie nana...wink;)

we sang the birthday song together with our family from msia...it was so unique and memorable...!!! i love it so much...

izzah got a bike for her birthday, and syirah got her set of bowling game.
will post the pix later..im having prob to load the pix now..eeesshh tensen tul