08 June 2009


Hi people!! yes, yes, im still here..and im doing good alhamdulillah..

Lama ye x update blog nih..hehe..time is not always on my side..last year was a blessing i guess..hehe..

Its now june, hubby will be having his final exam in 2 days, sudah mula sakit kepala x semena2, xde mood makan dan segala simptom orang nak amik exam..(pelik kan, why didnt i have all these symptoms dulu masa blaja??!!, oh ye pttla aku x score!!..;p)

izzah is in her 2nd term of kindy, enjoying every minute of her time in school..asking everyday whether the next day will be her school day..
i can understand now, when people keep saying that their children wont go back to msia coz they love the school here so much..

the teachers here are so loving and caring.. giving freedom to every child to speak his/her mind off..freedom of speach, and at the same time not being rude in doing so..teaching them at their own pace..and making sure while doing that they are not left behind in terms of reading n other education stuff.

what about msian education..?? i can see some have already started making a diff approach in kindy..

i have heard bad testimonials from frens who went back home saying that they're children had a miserable time in school, homework is too much, standard 1 levels are too high, competition among students are tough, teachers are hard on the students, no playtime..(they have playtime here, something like a short break at 10.30am and break for lunch is another thing)

it freaks me out!!!! ermm... im praying hard that izzah will be able to suit in to msian education..luckily she's still in kindy..i guess she can still adapt when we go back later.

ooh have i told u that schools in aussie dont give homework to bring home, its up to the parents initiative i guess, if their children needed the extra help in their studies..

im keeping my postive views about msian early education and the normal education system in school..heard that muhyiddin yassin is trying to make a diff approach in education system now..hopefully things will get better for our kids in the future yeahh..no more exam oriented basis, kesian kat budak2 yg actually talented but sadly doesnt do well in exams..

keep the prayes coming in guys..its our kids turn now..dont we want the best for them??!! who doesnt huh??


Mona said...

aku pun rasa kat sini tak begitu menarik... anak aku tadikah pun cam main2 je .... dia suka pi tadika pun sbb dia dah dok nursery dr dulu.... so mmg dah kenal cikgu n kwn2...
may be kau kena selective sket

SuE KasSiM said...

kene selective sket kan..hhmmm itula yg susah tu..kalu nk yg elok mesti costly..mudah2an la mudah utk izzah nanti..ameen..