22 June 2009

Another new experience

Alhamdulillah, gratitude and praise to Allah for all He had given us including the one growing in my womb right now..

this is actually the picture of the face n body..

As with other new experience ive had, the experience of getting pregnant here is just as exciting as others.

ermm mana satu nk mula..hehe okla memula masa nk confirm pregnancy tu with the GP, (GP tu is actually a normal doctor like the one we have in msia..kat klinik2 biasa tu..yg xde specialise in any area..)the normal way of confirming pregnancy is thru urine test, which is +ve alhamdulilah..i was already 9 weeks..and on the next checkup, she told me my body was very low in iron, as iron foods was meat, chicken, milo drinks..i was waaayyy off that kinda food, i was only eating eggs and kicap..milo x suka, daging x suka, sumer x suka..telur n kicap je suka..haha and so i had to take multivitamin with iron as my supplement..kalu x cuma makan folic acid je dh cukup said the GP

after 2nd checkup with the GP, she said i should continue my check-ups with a midwife, orang melayu panggil bidan..haha i think its common to have midwives in western countries like aussie, midwives here are professional, just like a nurse in a hospitals..only they specify in maternity stuff.

so my checkups will only be with the midwives..unless i have complications, then would i see the gynae doctor..
for normal checkups i will only see the doctos at 5, 7 and 9 months..if everything is ok, meaning no complications of any sort..my delivery too will be done by the midwife.

so far i have had only 1 scan, when i was in my 5th month..not done by the doctor/midwife but by a radiologist..haha ala pakar bahagian2 x-ray sumer ni..pegi kat die la..die gelek2 perut aku ngan mende ultrasound tu..lama pulak tu..he took measurements and we saw the baby in so many diff angles..ya Allah..what an experience..

kalu kat msia everytime jumpa dr delaila..mesti kene scan..which last only 2-3 min..monitor pun kecik je..ni siap ngan TV lagi kite leh tgk baby tu in wide-flat screen monitor..wuuhuuu..izzah was so excited to see the baby..

oh ye, the best part is masa 1st time jumpa midwive die tanya..how many stiches did u had? i was like..huh?? how many?? sorry i dont have any idea..they just cut me..;P
rupanye dekat sini no stiches is necessary if the opening is good enough for the baby to come out..and if cutting is required, they will ask the patient's permission 1st before doing so..BEST GILERRR!!!

some stories ive heard from frens delivering here..dlm delivery room tu,satu family leh masuk..older kids can even see the baby being delivered..hahaha DOUBLE BEST GILERRR!!!(err ke budak tu nanti fobia bila tgk..haha)

pastu the midwife will visit us kat umah after delivery to check on us, for 5 days to be exact after delivery..TRIPPLE BEST GILERRR!! xyah laa nk jalan2 kuwar masa minggu pertama pantang tu nk jumpa docktor kat klinik..

but i dunno whether i have the opportunity to deliver here/not, dlm hati ni nk je rase..tapi cam x sempat je..xpelah..msia pun ok jugak kan!!

hehe so thats the BIG story guys..to nora, tekaan mu benar belaka my fren, kau mmg terer!!..sorry for the late announcement..family kat msia tau dulu la before korang tau..hehe

08 June 2009


So what did we do for the past few weeks?? these are some delightful pictures to asnwer ur curiosities..

After entertaining zack n hazel who came to visit in may..

we just hang around the house, coz hubby was busy with his assignments and presentations..

main bubbles..

amik gambar suka2..syira nmpk cam oufit orang nak naik kuda kan..or is it my imagination..??

and aktiviti wajib when the weather was a wee bit hotter than usual..

And after hubby had some free time in hand,

we went to wahseem's to hang out..

and to a train models exhibition

and now..tunggu hubby abis exam and make some final cuti2 in perth destination plans..before we head home..;)

Parent Helper

Still about izzah's kindy..

There's this thing called parent helper..where they encourage parents to come to school and spend time with their children and other kids in the class.

I went twice already, once was last term, and the second was on the 5th june.
Parents are encourage to stay around few hours during the morning session and they can go back anytime as they please..

im happy with this approach, coz i can actually see what is actually happening in the class..how the teacher teach the children, in which i can adapt it myself in teaching izzah at home..

and its becouse of this program that i understand why kids love school so much..

what did i do during that time??
the teacher would introduced me to the kids in the morning and i would basically help the teacher's assistant to do anything there is need to do with their activity that day..

its either helping the kids to do painting, or playing with them, assisting them to go to toilet..anything at all..and it is during this time i can voice my opinions and chat with her teacher about izzah's progress in school and their activities in school..how lovely!!

the list of things the children did that day..

izzah was always happy when im around, and keep telling her teacher n her friends
"thats my mum..thats my mum.." waaah bangga nyerr!!!

I love this parents helper thing so much that i volunteered again next month..hehe..
my hubby told me..suka la tu..nanti kat msia..mesti sibuk nak masuk PIBG sekolah...
hahhaha yeke..nak masuk ke??? heheheheh macam nak je!!! izzah malu x agak2..have to ask her before i join anything...some kids just hate the publicity..


Hi people!! yes, yes, im still here..and im doing good alhamdulillah..

Lama ye x update blog nih..hehe..time is not always on my side..last year was a blessing i guess..hehe..

Its now june, hubby will be having his final exam in 2 days, sudah mula sakit kepala x semena2, xde mood makan dan segala simptom orang nak amik exam..(pelik kan, why didnt i have all these symptoms dulu masa blaja??!!, oh ye pttla aku x score!!..;p)

izzah is in her 2nd term of kindy, enjoying every minute of her time in school..asking everyday whether the next day will be her school day..
i can understand now, when people keep saying that their children wont go back to msia coz they love the school here so much..

the teachers here are so loving and caring.. giving freedom to every child to speak his/her mind off..freedom of speach, and at the same time not being rude in doing so..teaching them at their own pace..and making sure while doing that they are not left behind in terms of reading n other education stuff.

what about msian education..?? i can see some have already started making a diff approach in kindy..

i have heard bad testimonials from frens who went back home saying that they're children had a miserable time in school, homework is too much, standard 1 levels are too high, competition among students are tough, teachers are hard on the students, no playtime..(they have playtime here, something like a short break at 10.30am and break for lunch is another thing)

it freaks me out!!!! ermm... im praying hard that izzah will be able to suit in to msian education..luckily she's still in kindy..i guess she can still adapt when we go back later.

ooh have i told u that schools in aussie dont give homework to bring home, its up to the parents initiative i guess, if their children needed the extra help in their studies..

im keeping my postive views about msian early education and the normal education system in school..heard that muhyiddin yassin is trying to make a diff approach in education system now..hopefully things will get better for our kids in the future yeahh..no more exam oriented basis, kesian kat budak2 yg actually talented but sadly doesnt do well in exams..

keep the prayes coming in guys..its our kids turn now..dont we want the best for them??!! who doesnt huh??