03 July 2008

a small feast at karawara

We invited few friends for a small feast, simply because one of them are going back to msia and dun know when we're going to meet them again coz they're staying in jb which is quite far from where we're staying.

And others are just for a get-together since hubby is on his semester holidays..
we wanted to invite more new friends but maybe next time.

i'm sure you're wondering, amende karawara tuh...itu nama tempat kitaorang tinggal.. pelik sket kan nama die..

our old friend from uia matric, Q (yes pronounce as 'kiu'- mana la idea dpt nama camtu..nama sebnr xde pun huruf Q, ppl say he's the legend here in perth since he's been staying in perth for many years now n nows all the whereabouts in perth

nana and her son haris..

home-made soto, popiah, choc and fruit cake


Anonymous said...

syoknya bleh kumpul2 gitu kan..
nana... sama cam dulu.
Q... muka lain sesangat. mungkin sbb dah makin sihat...

SuE KasSiM said...

ha'ah..seronok jugk dpt jumpa diorang sekali sekala..masing2 pun sibuk kan..q memanglaa..asyik bantai daging kambing je kat sini hehe

Anonymous said...

hehhe..bestkan sue..jumpa kengkawan

SuE KasSiM said...

ha'ah...mmg best laaarrr...utk aku yg suka bersosial nih...