03 July 2008

Time for jabs

curtin clinic..

Izzah finally make use of her time waiting for the doctor...which finally she became too creative and started to peel the poster finding it was glued using a plastercine. From reading the poster, her concentration now is glued towards peeling off the plastercine...(hehehe)

after a loud cry of two jabs, izzah was given a lollypop for a treat by the nurse

plus a sticker to boost her confidence that jabs were nothing...;)

Actually, there were lots of jabs to be taken by two of my girls..personally tak sampai hati nak suro diorang take the jabs.but its important for their health. and its a compulsory here in perth.

memang byk jabs yg kene amik. such as pneumococal vaccination, kat perth dah wajib, kat msia still optional coz its costs a lot. byk lagi laa..
tapi satu je yang beza dr msia..kat sini all jabs are free...covered by australian govt.. the govt wanted a healthy community living under them.. and what about us in msia?? its not even standardized among the hospitals..


Erdayu said...

pneumococal is expensive here.. my son just had his, satu jab was rm280.

sweetluckie said...

sini semua kena bayar. aritu cucuk aisya utk chicken pox pun kena rm150. saba je laa.. yg anak kite dpt ape... sakit kena cucuk.. hehehehe... lolipop pun tadek.. :D

SuE KasSiM said...

ayu : yup...i know its expensive, been surveying the price masa kat msia..but the price had always made us postponed our intention..itula rezeki anak2.. last2 dpt jab free kat sini..sykur sgt..
ja: mmg beza la cara nk pujuk bebudak lepas inject kat msia ngan kat sini...tang lolipop tu x tau la kalu tmpt lain kasi ke x..tapi kat sjmc tak kasi puuuunnnn!!!