30 July 2008


1 more week to my brother's wedding, im having mixed feeling here in perth.

Im happy that we're getting a new family member n that insya-Allah izzah n syirah will get more cousins..but mostly im sad that i cant join the wedding...:(

im sad that i cant help my mom
im sad that i cant boss my brother around to do all the chores
im sad that i cant see all the preparations of putting up the pelamin and all
im sad that i cant help everyone to do spring cleaning like we always do everytime there's wedding
im sad that i cant take pictures with my family and my brother with her wife in their wedding outfit
im sad that i cant see what presents they get..
im sad that i cant meet all my relatives and be in the chaotic event of the wedding

there...ive said it...lega sikit rasenye..

to go home means having to make a lot of decisions.. and i have made my decision not to go home with valid reasons...which were done after a lot of prayer, doa, thinking, and discussion with my hubby..

so to get rid of all this sadness...im going to call often so that i'll know what's going on..the last minute preparation n on the wedding itself... manala tau maybe i can lend some advice or opinions thru the phone, and ive asked my bro, zaili to tape everything in video...i dun want to miss a thing.. plus pictures from my eldest bro who is the wedding's photographer, n if possible to be online on the wedding day itself

I pray to Allah that everything will be smooth..ameen...

picture taken on aidlfitri 2006, i was 4 months pregnnt with syirah..


ms nonie said...

kak sue jgn sedey2..i know how it feels like mase abg nak kahwin dulu pun noni siap nangis lg kat ns..kwn noni sume x berani nak tegur.. haha lawak plak bile pikir2 balik..takpela kak suee..theres always another wedding to attend to.. ehem2.. :D cheer up kay?

SuE KasSiM said...

hehehe..thanx nonie..die xleh pikir sgt...cume kdg2 bile teringat tu habisla emos..

sweetluckie said...

ala cian kaksue.. xpe kaksue.. jgn sedey2 sgt k... :)

SuE KasSiM said...

hehe...timer kaseh adik2 ku...kih kih...takpe balon amik gambar kat wedding nonie, ariza n zaili lak la pasni..hihi