13 July 2008


Condolence to my friend's grandmother..i called her by the name umi, she died in Makkah on 6th june 08, semoga rohnye dicucuri rahmat..dan di ringankan segala azab kubur..

bukan apa..other than my own grandmother, i've known umi for quite some time..sometimes she was around when i came to my friends's house..siap asyik tersalah je panggil suriani asyik jadi mariani..hehe..best je die panggil mariani...she even know about all my love life. Since i left school i dun see much of her, but her memory is still in my mind..n still know her conditions from my friend.

so to nik, be brave n be strong, i know its not easy to lose one of loved ones..

p/s this post suddenly reminds me of my nenek!!..nek, nanti balik msia,chun jumpa nenek ek...uwaaaa rindu nyee!!